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Friday, November 2, 2012

Campbell County Sheriff Race

The Campbell County sheriff race is between three candidates - Jeff Kidwell (Republican), Dave Otto (Democrat), and John G. Crum Jr. (Libertarian). Former sheriff John Dunn retired from the position on August 1, 2012 after serving for twenty-six years in office. Dave Fickenscher has been serving as the interim sheriff, but chose not to run for election. This means that the winner of the election on November 6th will immediately be sworn in after the results become official, and will finish out Dunn's term as well.

The sheriff primarily serves an administrative role, and despite the title, there is little law enforcement to be handled by the sheriff. "The sheriff's duties are collecting real estate taxes, providing security for the court system, transporting prisoners and assisting with elections. The sheriff oversees 10 full-time and 13 part-time personnel," summarizes

Jeff Kidwell is no stranger to Campbell County's political system. He has served as Campbell County's Constable for the last seventeen years, and is now hoping to transfer his knowledge and skill set into the position as Sheriff.
  • Originally from Newport, KY and currently resides in Cold Spring, KY with his wife and daughter.
  • Served as an officer of the courts for seventeen years.
  • Owner of Star Computers, Inc. since 1993.
  • Graduate of Newport High School, has various certifications in the information technology field, and has completed concealed deadly weapons training. 
  • Chairman of the Campbell County Republican Party since 2008, member of the NRA, active member of FOP Lodge 10, and Pro Life. 
  • Some of his endorsements include Katie Stine, Joe Fischer, Geoff Davis, Jim Bunning, and Steve Franzen. 
  • If elected, Kidwell plans to update the department with more modern technology and practices, make the courts more secure, and also help citizens to reduce their tax burdens. 

Ft. Thomas resident, Dave Otto, will also be competing for the sheriff's office on November 6th. Like Kidwell, Otto has experience in the world of Campbell County politics. He has owned Otto Printing and Entertainment Graphics in Dayton for forty years,  and served as a County Commissioner for twenty-six years. Otto told, "I want to continue the professionalism and the integrity of the office of sheriff, and John Dunn's done a great job of that for the last 20-some years. I've also got a fire in my belly: I want to run, and win this race and get back to serving the people of Campbell County,” 
  • Resides in Ft. Thomas, KY with his wife. He has two daughters and two grandsons. 
  • Served as County Commissioner for twenty-six years. 
  • Owner of Otto Printing and Entertainment Graphics.
  • Graduate of Highlands High School and Eastern Kentucky University. 
  • Has served as a board members of many local organizations, including Newport Day Treatment Program Citizen Committee on Child Abuse Association for the Retarded, Council of Governments Campbell County Boys and Girls Club, and Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. Read the entire list here.
  • If elected, he will work to reduce citizens' tax burden, run a more efficient sheriff's department, and actively work to diminish the area's growing drug problems. 
With St. Elizabeth reporting they treated 311 heroin overdoses from January 1, 2012 through September 30, 2012 (which is a staggering rise from 2011's report of 288 for the entire year), it's nice to see a candidate ready to fight this issue. 

John G. Crum Jr. is running against Kidwell and Otto for the coveted sheriff seat. To be honest, there isn't as much information out there about Crum as the other two candidates. Crum is a twenty-five year old Northern Kentucky University student
  • Resides in Highland Heights, KY.
  • Studies biology and genetics at Northern Kentucky University. 
  • If elected, Crum wants to consolidate various agencies in the county in order to improve services for local residents, work directly with the community to improve the sheriff's department, and refuses to accept the state pension (will only be paid for actual hours worked). 
Crum believes that his decision to only accept hourly pay will help save taxpayers' money. Currently, he does not plan to run for re-election in two years since he is not a career politician. 

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  1. The drug issue needs to be addressed, I give Otto credit for wanting to do something to help our kids.