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Thursday, November 1, 2012

County Circuit Clerk – Taunya Nolan Jack / Mary Ann Mader Jones

The incumbent candidate for the Circuit Clerk position is Taunya Nolan Jack.  She is running against Mary Ann Mader Jones.  Fort Thomas Matters wanted to shed some light on both campaigns, their accomplishments, and an overview of the position itself.  We also wanted to balance the article with a look at Mary Ann Mader Jones’ background. 

The County Circuit Clerk is an administrative position for the district court.  This position comes with many responsibilities.  The clerk is the first contact within the court system; they manage important documents, and assist with the research of past court cases.  The clerk opens new records, and checks on old case filings to check on their progress within the court system.  The circuit clerk is a regular in court as they keep copies of documents presented in court, final rulings, and other pertinent information.  Along with record management for the court system, the circuit clerk is also responsible for issuing drivers’ licenses as well as juror orientation.  The full list of the clerk’s responsibilities can be found here.

Taunya Nolan Jack has over twenty years of experience with the court system.  She was appointed to the Campbell County Circuit Court Clerk position in 2009 and was re-elected in 2010.  Taunya was born and raised in Campbell County and she knows what is needed to efficiently run the office of the circuit county clerk.

Taunya is an active member of the Campbell County Republican party, and she has accepted endorsements from the following:

  • Northern Kentucky Right to Life
  • Katie Kratz Stine, Kentucky State Senator
  • Jack Porter, Jr., Campbell County Commonwealth Attorney (retired)
  • Honorable Judge William Wehr, Campbell County Circuit Judge (retired)
  • Honorable Judge Leonard Kopowski, Campbell County Circuit Judge (retired)

While in office, Taunya has made numerous improvements to the court system.  These improvements include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Computerized the driver's license department with touch screen computers
  • Credit Cards are now accepted in all circuit court clerk offices
  • Pre-payable fines can be paid 24/7
  • She located and returned $100,000 in unclaimed funds to citizens
  • Upgraded the Campbell County Circuit Court Clerk website
  • Jurors can check their status on the web and through the jury line
  • All clerks are cross-trained in every job to better serve the public
  • Extended office hours
  • Oversaw the move to the new administrative office at the 1100 block of Monmouth Street
Taunya’s opponent, Mary Ann Mader Jones, is the democratic candidate for the circuit clerk position.  Mrs. Mader Jones is a mortgage consultant and top producing loan officer with Union Savings Bank.  Along with her full time career Mary Ann is also a  certified consulting hypnotist and reiki master.  Reiki is an ancient hands on healing method that works as a healing & balancing force for the entire mind & body.

(Click image to see Mader Jones' hypnotist website)

The main issue being focused on in this political race is the fact that the license department and license renewal department are currently in two different locations.  Mary Ann Mader Jones would like to centralize both offices at the new administrative office at 1098 Monmouth Street.  Mader Jones’ other goals for the office include ending political favoritism and creating a positive work environment.

Mary Ann has been endorsed by Sue Orth who is the past Chair of the Campbell County Democratic Executive Committee.

Fort Thomas Matters felt it important to present the information of each candidate to educate our readers.  An educated electorate is a better electorate; be sure to vote on November sixth. 

To view more information on Tauya Nolan Jack click here, and to view more information for Mary Ann Mader Jones click here.


  1. I'm going to vote for Tonya and Dave Otto!

  2. Mader Jones is not qualified. The issue she's trying to make out of the dual offices is pathetic.

    And WTH? She's a hypnotist? What a loon.