Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mama on a Budget: Santa House

                  My husband put the Christmas lights up on the house on Sunday.  It went against every bit of his moral fiber to do it prior to Thanksgiving but, as he said, he had to take advantage of the amazing weather.  Lights on the house means I can officially begin to love all things Christmas!  All of my next posts will be fun, family-friendly, and mostly free Holiday-related activities.  I have a lot of family traditions and despite having a Grinch-Scrooge (Grooge?) of a husband, I for some reason await the season with the anticipation of a three year-old during his Happy Birthday song (“Knox, wait for the song to finish—from the top, take seven!).

               As everyone knows, the official beginning of Christmas is not the Black Friday sales, that is entirely too late.  Nor is it the first holiday commercial on television (large dog Target played in April I’m pretty sure).  The true, official, and internationally (if only polling in Fort Thomas) recognized beginning of Christmas is Ruth Moyer’s Santa House. Sure, Johnson can have Halloween and Woodfill can have Big Top, but Moyer Elementary has cornered the market on Christmas. 
                  Moyer’s Santa House is this Friday from 6-9 and again Saturday the 17th from 10:00am-3:00pm.  If it is similar to last year (and every year since I first attended 22 years ago), then it will have food, games, prizes, Santa, decorations, a baked goods store, a children’s gift boutique and an adult gift boutique, and kid’s crafts.  Additionally, they will have basket raffles and a silent auction (items can be previewed on the website listed at the bottom of this article).  All of the money raised goes to funding some of the little “extras” that state and local tax dollars do not provide, such as smart boards, Red Ribbon Week, and playground equipment.
                  New this year is the Lunch with the Ben-Gals.  For $25 per child, your daughter aged 5-11 can have lunch with the Ben-Gal cheerleaders and get a gift bag, a picture, and a souvenir craft.  This is only open to Moyer girls from the looks of it as entry forms are required and due today.
                  The website is still asking for volunteers and has a wish list for needed items but at this point, likely the best thing to do is attend!  If you and your family have never been, it is a really neat event and helps our local schools.  Also, if your child is like Knox, then you get the most amazing pictures ever.
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   Hope to see you there.  For more information, visit and be sure to check back to Mama on a Budget for more holiday traditions.  Oh, and one more thing, if you haven’t bought your turkey, do it now!  Those silly birds defrost for days!

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