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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Newport Pavilion Update

We included a recent photo of the construction trailer with the Chick Fil A sign (not without controversy) but there are a few new signs of development beyond the trailer.

This is a small grouping of retail units next to the Kroger gas pumps.  According to an old map of the development they were originally planning a Mattress Firm and a T mobile store with three other spaces unaccounted for.  However, based on more recent conversations I have had with the leasing company I believe it will be an AT&T store instead of T Mobile, and also an Aspen Dental in addition to the Mattress Firm.

They have also staked out the entrance to the corner nearest the exit ramp from I-471.  I believe this will be the location of the Pet Smart and possibly the Olive Garden.  However, I have not confirmed this at this point.

And finally they have also broken ground on the area nearest the Larosa's.  I don't believe this is the Chick Fil A and rather another small strip center that was originally slated to have a Buffalo Wild Wings.  I will have more as I confirm the actual retailers that will be locating in this spot.


  1. Thanks for the update!

  2. I also appreciate the news posted here. Can't seem to find it anywhere else without some digging. That being said I am so disappointed (and bored) with the choices of businesses that are slated for the Pavilion. There was an opportunity to offer something else other than the same old fare found in Florence, 3L highway, Cold Spring, etc. I agree with an earlier post and I will vote with my wallet. I would like to add on: try to keep your money going to local businesses first.

  3. I agree with above, disappointed.

  4. I would disagree. I'm happy that we're getting a Michael's and an Olive Garden. Now - if we can just get Red Robin! As a full time employed mother, I'm elated that soon I'll be able to run down the hill as opposed to trekking out to Florence.
    I do agree, however, w/the telephone, mattress, dental office and nail stores. YAWN. They're already ubiquitous.
    Local businesses are great and I support them when I can but I think we can all agree that a small business cannot compete with the selection of inventory or price when it comes to a national chain. I'll be glad to have the option as to which suits my needs best at that given time.