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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Goodness in Northern Kentucky

Last week Connecticut experienced a gut wrenching tragedy that affected the entire world.  You know the details of what happened, I won’t go into it.  Well those events coupled with the recent shopping mall shooting, the fiscal crisis, impending doomsday, fighting overseas, and labor disputes in the Midwest left me searching for something GOOD to write about.  I wanted to turn the spotlight away from the dark reports that we hear about everyday, and bring a good story to the foreground.   

I reached out on Facebook and asked people to shed some light on individuals or organizations that have done a lot of positive, selfless acts over the holiday season. 

There were other people out there that were tired of the ugliness in the world as well, because the response was almost immediate.  From the suggestions I got on Facebook and email I compiled a simple list and links to some great organizations that are helping people and making each day a little bit better!

v  Operation Peanut Butter, Link – The Hosea House is participating in this cause which collects food for the less fortunate.  They acknowledged that some kids will not have adequate lunches over Christmas break with the schools being closed.  With this in mind they collected food to keep the kids well fed over the holidays.
v, Link  – This is a volunteer organization that is dedicated to helping people in need.  They take donations of food, clothes, and furniture and distribute to people all across Northern Kentucky.
v  Fidelity Investments “Holiday Heroes” giving program – Fidelity employees partner with 20 non-profit organizations in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati on hundreds of projects.  These organizations include but are not limited to: Ronald McDonald House, Senior Services of Northern Kentucky, Women’s Crisis Center, Brighton Center, Project Connect, Faces Without Places, Freestore Foodbank, Redwood Rehabilitation Center, Covington Partners in Prevention, Cincinnati Youth Collaborative, Hoxworth Blood Center and Dress for Success.
v  Brighton Center / Newport Optimist Club – These organizations partnered up and are doing amazing things.  For instance, they pair chaperones with young children and take them shopping at Target for Christmas items, and basic essentials that they desperately need. 

These are all fantastic organizations that deserve to be recognized for all of the great things they do.  As the news programs report another shooting, or another “plan” to avoid a fiscal demise, be reminded of the good that is going on in Northern Kentucky right now!  Buy a stranger’s coffee, pay for the car’s food behind you in the fast food line, volunteer for a cause, or drop come cents in the red pale at the grocery… remember, “kind words & actions may be short, but their echoes are forever endless”.

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