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Monday, December 17, 2012

Highlands All-Time Football Team (1981-Present)

Found this on an online forum. Granted, I only really started paying attention to Highlands Football when I got there in middle school in 1996, so some of these names I'm not too familiar with, but it's still fascinating to me nonetheless.

Posters on the online forum who obviously eat, breathe and live Highlands Football put together a 26-man ALL-TIME Highlands Football team. The consensus was that it's pretty much an impossible feat, with so much history (for example, Guidugli, Towles just at Quarterback), but the list put together was a good first effort.

What say you FTM readers? What changes do you make?

QB - Jared Lorenzen (UK)
RB - Justin Frisk (Thomas More)
RB - John Bankamper (Dayton maybe?)
WR - Brett Hamblen (UK)
WR - Randy Stegman (Miami OH)
TE - Derek Smith (UK)
OL - Rob Smith (UT)
OL - Sean Sester (Purdue)
OL - Scott Kuhnhein (Ohio State)
OL - Jeff Reinstatler (UC)
OL - Dave Berringer (UK)

Punter: Ben Sutkamp (Thomas More)

DL - Ben Scott (UK)
DL - John Schlarman (UK as OL)
DL - Dave Fischer (EKU)
LB- Marty Moore (UK)
LB - Brent Grover (Purdue)
LB - Cory Scarlato (Youngsown State)
LB - Jordan Nevels (UK as DB)
DB - Austin Collinsworth (Notre Dame)
DB - Mike Mitchell (Ohio U / NFL)
DB - Jeff Kremer (UK as LB)
DB - Drake Bruns (UC)

Place Kicker: Drew Bathiany

Kickoff/Punt Returns: Matt Hoffman and Robby Peterman


  1. Reinstatler? No freaking way. Good in HS, but all time? Poster just put him on the list because he went to UC.

    I'd much rather have Mike Raleigh on there.

  2. I agree, Raleigh was a great center. I'm betting that there was a better OL than Sester also. Again, he was good but I think too much stock was put into his Purdue days and were talking about High school here.

  3. They probably went to Thomas More and not Thomas Moore? Whoops!

  4. Grammar police. I copied it from the forum

  5. Zack Hurtt; LB; 3 seasons with 100+ tackles at Wittenberg and longest interception return in Witt history 107 yards.

  6. Need to point out that was one single poster's opinion, not some kind of vote or poll.

  7. Again, this is an All-Highlands Team, not All-Highlands Team of people who had good college/professional careers. I can't discount Zack Hurtt because he was a FORCE in the middle of one of the top 5 defenses in school history; however, his impressive college stats don't lend to his need to be on this list...I'm not singling him out, but a Highlands list means a Highlands list...not a Purdue, UK, NY Giants, Wittenburg.

    With that being said, he deserves mention, as do all others on the list. I would be interested to hear D. Mueller's perspective, "He is probably the best (insert position here) Highlands has ever had!!" speaking of any player you would ask him about.

  8. How is there no OL from the '98 team, which many consider the best team ever?

  9. Very good list. However, if memory serves me right--and it has been over 20 years--I think Marty Moore was a great running back/fulback, and probably better than the 2 RBs you have listed. I thought Marty went to UK thinking he would be playing in the offensive backfield for the Wildcats and instead was made into a great middle linebacker in college. I know he ran over me a few times in the Ft. Thomas Jr. Football League!

  10. This is such a hard call. There have been so many talented players to go through the great school of Highlands. I have been living in Fort Thomas and following the program for 30+ years. Obviously it's hard to put anyone above Jared at QB with that cannon he possessed. Frisk was also unbelievably great at RB, so hard to argue against that. By far Brett is the best WR to ever step foot on the field at Highlands, not even close. One last person that I had the pleasure of watching somewhat recently was Jordan Nevels. That young man was an absolute beast!! I saw him hit a guy so hard I thought he killed him! He could play RB, WR, S, CB, or LB, and played them all extremely well. Mitchell may have been the one to go to the NFL off that particular team, but nobody on that team was even close to Nevels. Go Birds 2013!

  11. UH.... Schlarman and Reynolds? I would say they are better Oline than any on that list.