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Thursday, February 26, 2015

5 Things to Know about FOX 19

This article originally ran in 2013. 

I am always intrigued by behind the scenes information that you are not usually aware of when watching a television program, and in that same vein, I turned to a news program for my “5 Things to Know” article.  I reached out to local news outlet, FOX 19, to learn some lesser known information about the station and those TV personalities that bring us the news.

I contacted Tricia Macke who acted as my liaison to the station.  She answered my questions, as well as forwarded my questions to other people at FOX 19.  The responses from FOX 19 are some of the most unique answers to date.

Tricia Macke used to be a swimsuit model and now coaches four basketball teams in her spare time.  

Ben Swann's first job was skinning chickens at a fast food restaurant in Texas, Pudgies, at the age of 14.

Sheila Gray's family were almost American royalty. During a bitter cold winter of the American Revolutionary War, General George Washington turned to patriot Jacob DeHaven to help finance the Continental Army.  DeHaven, a direct ancestor of Gray, gave Washington $450,000 in gold bars.  The loan was never repaid and Dehaven died a pauper.  If the U.S. government would decide today to make good on Washington’s promise, Sheila and her family would be worth almost 100 billion dollars!

Steve Horstmeyer has four and half fingers on his right hand.  He cut half of his finger off in his dad’s wood working shop when he was 30 years old.

Rob Williams has participated in more than ten marathons, which is hard to believe when you consider one of her favorite sandwiches is the McRib at McDonalds!

Everyone on set has a unique story of how they got to the position where they are.  Some stories begin with chicken maintenance in Texas, while other stories include modeling a one piece bathing suit.  Just like every story they present to us through their broadcast, their personal stories are unique.

It was a privilege to get a glimpse into FOX 19 news personalities for this “5 Things to Know” feature.  A special thanks to Tricia Macke for her help in acquiring the facts.

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  1. Shelia Gray Lie out her ASS she is so full of it she said one time her Dad would change channels on the peoples next doors TV with his remove thru the window she is so full of it I don't believe a word she says

    1. Hell, I still play that prank now and I'm 47.

  2. Was Tricia Mackes dad ever s VP for a lical bsnk in the late 70s to early 80s?