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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Andrea Conners Back in the News

Andrea Conners filed a petition in court on Monday to stop the teen she had a sexual relationship with from contacting her.

Conners resigned last May amid allegations that the 34-year old had sex with a teenage Highlands student in her classroom, at a state park and at her parent's home. 

In the petition to Judge Fred Stine, she alleged that the teen, now 18, sent her a text message on December 30th at 1:03 AM that included his phone number. She did not respond. 

She was sentenced to 90 days in jail, placed on probation for 5 years, ordered to register as a sex offender, get treatment and complete 500 hours (almost 21 full days) of community service. 

She is also asking that the court reduce her 250 hours of community service dedicated to talking to teachers about her missteps and how her indiscretions have ruined her teaching career. 

Her attorney, Rob Dziech, said that they filed the petition "out of concern that his client would be found in violation of a court order to have no contact with the victim. The petition states that Conners’ probation officer told Conners’ to seek a judge’s intervention. Dziech emphasized the purpose of the petition isn’t to harass the victim, who is now attending college."

He went on to say, “She never wanted to drag the victim into court. She never wanted to make it any harder on him than possible.”

There are a lot of different dynamics here. 

1) This ordeal has absolutely scared her straight. She is trying to turn the page and move on. The text message sent to her, seemingly without any solicitation whatsoever, still had her worried that she may "look" guilty in the eyes of the court. 

2) She and her attorney are trying to garner sympathy with the court that the now 18-year old victim is no longer a victim, just one year removed from the ordeal that kicked this whole controversy off. 

3) She is trying to win the public battle that she is not a danger to society in the hopes of advancing in another career field. (She is currently working for her father's company). 

Either way, I'm sure Fort Thomas Independent Schools just wishes this nightmare would go away. What do you say, readers? Does the latest change your opinion?


  1. I think definitely proves that she has changed!

  2. Why does this have to be in a motion in public court? Couldn't she have just notified her probation officer?

  3. Per her attorney: he petition states that Conners’ probation officer told Conners’ to seek a judge’s intervention.

  4. Thanks.. seems like a lot of public work (money) over one text message....

  5. I applaud her for doing what she did to notify the court but reducing her sentence would be out of the question. She was sentence based on her actions not what this 18 yr old has done now and if it hurts to go around and talk about it oh well all the better.

    1. She may be mortally terrified of trying to speak to a crowd over this - which is more than understandable. Talking about - say - "I robbed a bank, and I'm sorry, and here's why -" is very different than talking about something so very personal and psychologically intense - sex with a teen, adultery, what her children may think if they read her speech/talks, etc. I can understand her wanting to limit this sort of thing. She may be fundamentally unable to do it without going into a panic. Or a suicidal depression.

  6. She did nothing wrong