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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ask Joey, Fort Thomas Resident & Formerly of Kiss 107 FM- ANYTHING!

One of the guests we had set up for our community pep rally for Highlands Football Race for Seis at Mio's was Joey, from Kiss 107 FM. Besides the fact that she's funny as Ferrell and pretty as Portman, she can hang with the fellas and kick it like Kanye.

In fact, during our community pep rally when the community showed undying support zero support for Mio's or their football team, Joey, her boyfriend and I had some time to have a few 5 buckets of beer. I'm on a strike-through run, what can I say?

It was a blast. (Side-note: her and her dude almost put down an entire "Collier Mama" pizza without really even trying. Side-side-note: Joey also almost put down Padrino's $30 Spaghetti Challenge 2 lbs. Pasta, 1 lb. Meatballs, 1 lb. of marinara and garlic knots.Total of 4lbs, eat it all and it’s free! 45 minute time limit. I smell Mark vs. Food episode 7.

Photo Credit: Cincy Vibe

I knew I had to figure out how to incorporate her into the Fort Thomas Matters fold. Enter Ask Joey. If you've ever heard her on the radio, you'll know she's a pistol. She tells it like it is and here's your chance to get her take on anything on your mind.

Girls: Worried your dude isn't into you anymore? Ask Joey.
Dudes: Ever wonder what your girl really wants you to say when she asks you how she looks? Ask Joey
Moms: What is your daughter really doing when they "hang out" at a friends house on a Friday? Ask Joey.
Everyone: Which musician thinks they are God's gift? Ask Joey.

Let the questions rip. Submit a comment here, on our Facebook page, on our Twitter page or you can email me at I'll compile them and Joey will answer your questions. 

Have fun with it yall. 


  1. Is she single? Haha. How would one go about asking a celebrity out?

  2. In your experience comparing trophy wives in Fort Thomas to other city's (Hyde Park, Indian Hill, etc.

  3. Can you take Mark in a Mark vs Food lol?

  4. Weirdest fan encounter?

  5. Would you be weirded out or flattered if they used your photo to be Manti Teo's fake internet girlfriend?

  6. My boyfriend gets absolutely hammered every time we go out. Should I ask him about it? Is he doing it just because he's nervous? We've been dating for about five months.

  7. Why doesn't she work at KISS anymore? I LOOOOOVED listening to her. Also on WLW.

  8. where in the world does one get that shirt?