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Friday, January 11, 2013

Van Damme It's Friday Cake Eater Edition

Happy Friday folks. Seems like forever that we got together on a Vandamme it's Friday links. I hope this touch of spring has put a bounce in your step. I wanted to introduce Stev, Mio's new general manager.

Stev has been an integral part of running and managing numerous clubs, bars and restaurants in and around downtown.

It's no secret Mio's got off to a rocky start. I think the staff and their inattentiveness may have soured many Fort Thomas residents' first impressions. Stev has changed that attitude. He runs a tight ship and most importantly, he CARES. No more long waits, drifting servers and cold food. Obviously the warmer months are Mio's bread and butter, but give it a second look now. You'll notice a difference.

Below is one of his signature drinks. The Cake Eater has cake vodka, vanilla vodka, Frangelico and Kahlua. It's a party in a glass.

First person to mention this post to Stev gets a cocktail on me.


  1. He's a nice guy... not sure I trust a bartender who doesn't drink... lol

  2. Went for the first time on Friday Night. Delicious, and our waitress ended up being someone we've known for a long time previously from the 915. We'll be back.

  3. Stev is the best thing that could have happened to that place.

  4. This is stev, I regret to inform all of you that I am no longer at mio's. I thank all of you very much for coming in, and in my 3 months there I really strived to make it better for you andr the city of ft.thomas. I won't go into why I am no longer there, but feel free to discuss it with the owners if you would like to know.
    And again thank you all so very much, it was truly an honor meeting and getting to know all of you.