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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fort Thomas Mid-Week Links

- A few months ago producers of The Travel Channel's Mysteries at the Museum spent 12 hours filming at the Museum. They were interested in our Beverly Hills Supper Club Exhibit. The cameras used a lot of film on our displays while voices explained the role Fort Thomas played in the tragedy. 

The Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire story will be airing in the 9th episode of the third season of Mysteries at the Museum, which premieres at 9:00 pm on Thursday, February 7th on The Travel Channel.

Upcoming episode guide at Here's the wikipedia page of the Beverly Hills Supper Club. Hat tip to the city website. (They DO update that thing).

- Highlands won ANOTHER state championship. At this point, there is zero competition and a dynasty has been established. And no, I'm not talking about football. The Highlands "We the People" team won it's 9th straight state competition and will be traveling to our nation's capital to compete for the National Championship.

Zeke the Intern is apart of the team. On his experience with We the People, he said, "We've learned the ins and outs of every part of the Constitution. It helps because most of the country doesn't know how the government is supposed to operate, but as seniors in high school we know our rights as citizens and are able to be functioning members of society."

The state and national competitions involve students’ testifying in a mock congressional hearing format. Students are asked to prepare formal statements and respond to follow-up questions from a panel of judges requiring application of the U.S. Constitution.

- A few FTM format housekeeping items:
  1. Part III of The REAL Jeff Ruby will be out Friday. 
  2. Ask Joey will be out this weekend. 
  3. Mio's is coming out with a killer Super Bowl pizza deal. 
  4. We're going to be more predictable with our content at FTM. Monday will be Stephanie Class' Entertainment Corner. Tuesday Jess Duke will be Mama on a Budget. Wednesday will be Ben's 5 Things to Know. Thursday Michael Graham will be providing a sports roundup and I'll be cleaning up loose ends every Friday. The weekends are busy enough for everyone, so there will be no scheduled posts then, but make sure to check back frequently. 
  5. We're going to cast a wider net on the news front. It's no doubt FTM has become the go-to source on Fort Thomas news but our most commented articles are the ones that have a regional, state and sometimes national appeal. We're still going to take pride in being the first and best to report the things that happen to our city, but don't be surprised to see content outside of that realm going forward. 
As always, thanks again for reading! 

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