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Monday, January 7, 2013

Mama on a Budget: Fit Philosophie


Is your New Years resolution to get in better shape?  Let’s be honest, kids are adorable but they don’t seem to care about your vanity, or the size of your fanny.  My husband complains every year this time of year because he can never work out at his normal times; the gyms are just too full.  And from what I’ve seen, this year is no different. Gyms seem to be filling up but there is one studio that has just opened up in Fort Thomas: Fit Philosophie. Fit Philosophie is located in the heart of Ft. Thomas, in the Inverness District. The location is an easy access point for residents of both Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, just off Memorial Parkway.

Jennifer Lynn, owner and founder, is a resident of Fort Thomas and she “wants to be a part of helping this community to continue to embrace healthy living. The trend in fitness is to train functionally so that as we age we can maintain our health and mobility. Functional training integrates a training program that includes strength, balance, cardio, and control.”  That is a part of Lynn’s Fit “philosophie”.

Fit Philosophie advertises its ability to tailor exercise regimens to the individual client, matching the needs of each person to accomplish his or her goals.  Most physiologists would agree that a routine exercise and repetitive motion will result in diminishing returns.  At Fit Philosophie you will never perform a set routine. According to her website, her “expert teachers develop custom exercises and personalized sequences to accommodate and challenge each body: angles are adjusted, props are used, movements are dissected, modified, built upon, and perfected. “

They offer several Classes such as Pilates, Barre, TRX Training, Personal Training, and Small Group Training.

“My clients are my family and I hope to grow my family this year at my new studio, Fit Philosophie. I hope to see you there soon! “

Group classes start at $200 for a 10 class pass and $60 per hour for private training sessions.  Check out their website for a full description and more pricing information at  

Fit Philosophie
911 North Ft. Thomas Avenue
Ft. Thomas, Kentucky 41075

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