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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mama on a Budget: YMCA Fort Thomas

News flash, Fort Thomas has an amazing branch of the YMCA.  I know, I know, thanks “Boxcar Child”.    However, did you know how much comes with a membership at the YMCA?  I sure didn’t.

OK, so flashback to December 31 when my husband called the YMCA to ask if they were running any specials for the New Year (exact transcript ran something like this, “Hi, my name is Kevin and I am getting fat so I want to join the YMCA, do you have any specials for Resolution-ers”, I kid you not).  They said yes, we went the next day and joined, and all of a sudden a whole new world of possibility was opened to me.  I have to admit, I felt bad as a “New Year, New You” person over-crowding the fitness center for all those regulars and in my first spinning class, the teacher made sure to point out all the newbies, but after getting over the initial embarrassment, I was able to focus on all that was included in the YMCA.

First, the offer: if you sign up in January, the first month is free and you get $50 of credits toward any of the additional classes, sports leagues, activities, etc.  The membership varies based on income, size of family, etc., but is around $75-85 per month.  However, this includes free child care while you work out (up to two hours).  Free. Child. Care.  Sometimes I finish a workout in a half hour and then hide in the bathroom for the next hour and a half to take full advantage.  As a family, we have always been pretty active. We love sports (real sports, not bowling ) and love the outdoors. But once the temperatures drop into the single digits we do not like to go outside anymore. That’s where the YMCA of Fort Thomas comes into play is really at its best.

In addition to the fitness center for me, they also have classes for toddlers and above.  They offer dance, sports, recreation and Knox has been really enjoying a class called Fit N’ Fun where they go to the gym and basically run, hop, skip and play for an hour. There was one time I went to pick up Knox and they told me he was in Hip Hop class? I waited till he got back and the entire ride home he talked about how fun dancing was.  We also signed him up for Swim Lessons.  He roars and growls at the teacher and sits on the wall and pretends to get in, but doesn’t actually. He is still learning to like that one. Now Finley is too small for these classes but has learned to love the nursery and playing with other children. The teachers are just fabulous and she has really taken a liking to Miss Julie.

The YMCA in Fort Thomas is a great choice for winter fun and I am sure we will use it a lot once the pool opens up in the summer. If you would like more information on the YMCA go and check them out.   Your waist line will be happy you did!

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