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Friday, February 8, 2013

Ask JOEY on Fort Thomas Matters

This is part I of ASK JOEY. If you'd like to have your question answered by Joey on pretty much any subject, feel free to leave some comments here, on our Facebook page or Twitter account

Why doesn't she work at KISS anymore? I LOOOOOVED listening to her. Also on WLW.

-Patti H

Thank you SOOOO much for listening. I also really loved my time at Kiss and WLW. However, budgets are budgets and directions(for radio stations, talents, and careers) are ever changing. I truly loved everyone I worked with and wish them nothing but the best! But I do think that it is definitely not the last you will hear or see of me!
- Joey

My boyfriend gets absolutely hammered every time we go out. Should I ask him about it? Is he doing it just because he's nervous? We've been dating for about five months. 
- Depressingly Undrunk

Depressingly Undrunk,
This could be a few things. Nerves could be one culprit. He may need some liquid courage or he thinks he funnier, more, charming etc. when he has been drinking. It could performance (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) anxiety. Or the obvious, he could have a drinking problem. If you suspect that, there are obvious resources. However, if it were me...I'd check with his friends and family before confronting something like that. Of course, if he is ever a danger to himself or anyone else, girl...get him some help or bail.

When I read this though, I immediately recalled the first year of my relationship. We would have parties, go to bars, sit around and listen to tunes...all usually while drinking. I think if you're drinking with him, he may just really enjoy getting tanked and hanging out with you. Seriously, the beginning of my relationship was a drunken mess but it was so freaking fun and it bonded my me and boyfriend as best friends.

*Side note, when walking back from the 915...look out for street signs on the still has a dent from my head during that time.
Good luck girl!
- Joey

Would you be weirded out or flattered if they used your photo to be Manti Teo's fake internet girlfriend?
- Julia

Julia -
Flattered. Number one, someone thinks I am pretty yet accesible enough to trick a gullible football player. And second, BOOK DEAL.



  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yay! My comment got published. LOL! Oh and Joey, I think I've hit that sign too.

  3. No Walt, your Billy Madison-type comments aren't getting published unless you put your name to it.

  4. How did you get started in radio? It's my dream job. Should it be? I'm in highschool right now.