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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Be Healthy Fort Thomas. Here's How.

Jennifer Lynn is the proprietor at Fit Philosophie. She's going to be my yin to my Mark vs. Food yang. I've invited her to contribute to Fort Thomas Matters twice a month to give our readers a different prospective on what being healthy means to her. Without further adieu, here she is:
It is with great excitement that I am introducing myself to the Ft Thomas community as a bi-monthly contributor to Fort Thomas Matters.

I was able to realize my dream in December 2012 when I opened the doors to Fit Philosophie, a boutique fitness studio located at 911 N. Ft Thomas Avenue. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and I knew that with perseverance I could make my dream a reality. It is now my privilege to share my love of fitness, community, and health with you.

What makes Fit Philosophie different than the other gyms in the area? At Fit Philosophie, the community and the individuals are of the utmost importance. We offer both private appointments and small group classes (maximum of 6).

The classes are designed to provide options for all personality types. Try a Sculpt class if you love weights. Pilates is a fabulous option for athletes looking to cross-train while also a terrific option for a beginner. Barrelates is always popular for individuals who are looking to focus on legs and abs (although be warned you will have to do some push-ups), and TRX suspension training is the highest intensity blast of strength and cardio—not for the faint of heart.

Throughout the next few installments, we will be filming sneak peaks of what these classes have to offer you.

As an added benefit, you will be asked to think not only about working hard at your session, but also about establishing a broader vision of your health. What happens when you walk out the door of Fit Philosophie? Do you practice habits that are complementing your hard work in the studio or are you continuing to embrace old patterns that are hindering your progress and success? How can we help?

We are all living in a fast paced society that presents us with daily temptations to eat unhealthy food, to practice poor sleep habits, and to live in a constant state of stress. Exercise is one of the greatest weapons we have to battle these challenges because of its restorative qualities.

The other weapon we have is each other. It has been proven repeatedly that we have strength in numbers. It is always a joy work as a team and laugh as we are sweating out the troubles of life and leaving them in puddles on the floor to be forgotten and replaced with happiness and health.

You are always only one workout away from a great mood!

For the month of March, we are issuing a studio-wide fitness challenge, appropriately named March Madness! The challenge includes 3 tests:
1) How long can you hold a wall sit?
2) How long can you hold a forearm plank?
3) How many burpees can you perform in one minute?

Why these 3 tests? These 3 exercises challenge every part of your body from your head to your heart to your toes. Additionally, these tests provide a way to measure progress and prove that hard work yields real measured results. I am excited to announce that we have 5 participants who will be updating you on their progress as March Madness gets underway!

I would love to issue an invitation to all of you to please stop by, email, or call me to ask more questions. I am here to help you and to do my very best to educate this community on the current scientific research that is backing up the fitness trends of today.

If you are new to working out, recovering from an injury, or just need to shake up your routine—come on in and try a class or private session. What do you have to lose? I see only gains in your future. Make it a great week and we will see you at the studio!


  1. I love what she's done with that space! Finally glad to see what FP is about.

  2. How can we compete? What are the prices for classes? Any deals for FTM readers?!?! Lol

  3. RE: How can we compete? What are the prices for classes? Any deals for FTM readers?

    1. To compete, all you need to do is workout at the studio and take the test at the beginning of the month and at the end of the month..I will write down your results.

    2. Class prices are listed on the website
    5 class pass is $100
    10 class pass is $200
    20 class pass is $360
    40 class pass is $600

    3. FTM Readers: if you mention that you are reading FTM, your first class is free!

  4. Ill talk to Jennifer. I'm sure she'll update us within her column.

  5. Jennifer is awesome and has been a big help as I work toward better health and fitness. The 60 minutes I spend with her each week is the most productive workout I do and I definitely feel like its the workout that is transforming my body. She not only cares about helping me reach my goals, but I actually enjoy her killer workouts!