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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Van Damme (it was) Friday

Sorry I didn't get to this yesterday. Took my bride to Gangster's last night for our Valentine's Day dinner. $30 steak dinner for two. Awesome. They are still doing the deal tonight for you slackers. 491-8000.

Onto the Fort Thomas news of the week:

- Had it from a good source that The Merchants and Music Festival had the opportunity to book Mumford and Sons for the concert either last year or the year before. Jo Dee Messina was picked last year (and later took a picture with the family whose yard housed the plane crash near the end of the concert. Sans makeup. Hair soaking.)

The booking fee was minimal for Mumford and Sons. They hadn't yet recorded an album, instead opting to build a ground swell through smaller venues. Fort Thomas could have been one of them.

Then they blew up, most recently winning album of the year at the Grammys. Our city tried to scramble. We offered them a lot more for the next year's concert. They wanted triple. It was not to be. Damn.

- Lots of positive momemtum growing in the business atmosphere in Fort Thomas right now. New businesses are doing well and settling into the community. On top of that, many businesses are inquiring about making Fort Thomas their home. According to Renaissance Coordinator, Debbie Buckley, Fort Thomas is in talks with around 10 new businesses - some more serious and imminent than most.

"By comparison, in past year's we'd be happy to be able to identify 2 to 3 businesses in a year," she said.

We can't give specific names yet, but these are the types of businesses our city is talking with:
- Yogurt
- Restaurant
- Jewelry/Purse/Acessories
- Organic Grocery
- Fitness
- Pet grooming
- Candy

- The Fort Thomas Plaza is a prime candidate for some new tenants with Ft. Thomas Jewelers annoucing they are leaving the plaza. (More details on that later). Also, Fischer homes is leaving as well. We'll be doing a more in depth article of the past and future of Fort Thomas Plaza at a later date.

- Congrats to Coffman Realty for 50 years in business. Great accomplishment. Happy for them.

- Working on booking another Mark vs. Food to help support The Brighton Center in March. Has potential to be the biggest one yet.

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  1. Really...that bit of information about Mumford and Sons

    Jo Dee who???

    Let's support good unknown bands! not dare I say...a has been.