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Friday, February 22, 2013

Van Damme It's Friday (Ask Joey Edition)

Radio Personality, Joey from Kiss 107 FM contributes to Fort Thomas Matters as our local "Ask" girl. She's our hotter answer to Dear Abby.  She knows a little about a lot and she's funny as hell. If you'd like a chance to have your question answered by one of Fort Thomas' crown jewels, leave a comment here, on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

This is her second Ask Joey column.
  • Weirdest fan encounter? -Kissfan
First, I have always thought that me having *fans* was the most ridiculous thing ever. I have worked hard in the business for about ten years but aside from that, I am literally just a normal girl from Northern Kentucky.

That aside, I have had kids cry..hug me and not let go, grown men wanting to donate CRAZY amounts of money to a charity in exchange for a kiss. But the weirdest, came from cops.

The oddest was at an event in Bellevue, I gave a cop a bag of station goodies we were handing out and he started asking and talking about my life (like seriously, you would have had to listen to me everyday to know this stuff). It was the strangest because I always think our police are involved in these heavy duty topics, probably listening to serious news programs and this guy knew my spider bite on the butt story, start to finish.

  • Can you take Mark in a Mark vs Food lol? on Ask Joey, Fort Thomas Resident & Formerly of Kiss 107 FM- ANYTHING! - Hungryman

Heck yes. Mark has seen me eat. You haven't seen it yet because I think he is scuuuuuured.

  • In your experience, how would you compare trophy wives in Fort Thomas to other city's? -Karlie

Hahahaha. Especially now, while I am not working and I am out a lot during the day, yes...I have certainly noticed them more than ever. In Fort Thomas though, our lovely trophy wives seem A LOT less obnoxious and less into the latest silly trend. Oh, and the ladies of Fort Thomas are all waaaaay hotter.

  • Is she single? Haha. How would one go about asking a celebrity out? -Hopeful Romantic
Hopeful Romantic,

Again, silly with the celebrity thing. But no, I am in a relationship. We did take a break last year but we have happily reunited in our lovely Fort Thomas home. If I ever get all 'single' again, everyone will know!