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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ask Joey on Fort Thomas Matters

Joey, formerly of Kiss 107FM is a Fort Thomas resident and our Advice Girl. If you have a question for Joey, leave a comment and she'll try to answer it. 


Are you single? How would one go about asking a celebrity out? 

Again, silly with the celebrity thing.  But no, I am in a relationship.  We did take a break last year but we have happily reunited in our lovely Fort Thomas home. If I ever get all 'single' again, everyone will know!

What happened at Kiss? What's next? - Emily W.

Kiss was amazing and we parted ways due to the usual in any work situation which is budgets. But I love Kiss, every one well as Clear Channel Cincinnati.  As for the next chapter, I am not all together sure yet.  I can't see me not being a part of media in some form.  Radio people are a rare breed, we can't just go do something else because that job is is our true love.  When I do know, I will let everyone know asap!

- Joey

Best first date idea? Should one have cocktails?  - Meghann

Meghann -
Being so close to downtown in Fort Thomas, you have a lot of options.  Cocktails are a must if you're of age and drink. Really, a first date can be stressful.  Don't get wasted but a cocktail can help jitters.  Also, we have a lot of great venues for music.  A concert is a great date because it is a shared experience if you both are into the music and there's not a ton of talking (ya know, first date and all).  

Or a comedy is show is good.  Laughing is never bad, plus if you're a girl like me with a kind of twisted sense of can gauge whether you and this dude have that as a common interest.  

Day date? Starbucks in Fort Thomas and then Graeter's if you're having such a good time you don't want it to end.  But if it's bad, you can get out of there quickly.  Always have a an escape plan on a first date. *true story

I listened to you on Tracy and Eddie. Why do you prefer older men? - Adam 

I almost wish I could say I have daddy issues or something...I could have a lucrative career involving a pole or a video camera or something.  But I don't.  I've really only ever dated one guy (the one I am currently with) who has been much older than me(we have a 15 year difference).  I have always dated a little older though.  I think it is just because I have always been a little emotionally mature for my age and frankly, I am just into things that are a little *text book* older.  Plus, guys who are older usually have a low tolerance for drama, whether it is emotional, financial, or professional.  I appreciate this more than I could ever explain.  


What scares you the most in life? - Ashley J

Ashley J-
Right now, the job market.  But really, I would say spiders(not spiders themselves, but them biting me) and snakes. Oh and I have a really odd fear of cotton balls.  I hate how they feel.  Like right now, I am getting chills just thinking about it. 


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