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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

City Council Notes 3-4-13

One of the areas that old media typically outdoes us in, is city and civic coverage. No more. Pat LaFleur is Fort Thomas Matters' new city beat writer. Let's welcome him readers.

Before I get to Pat's overview of the meeting, just wanted to add a few small tidbits.

1) I attempted to coerce Council into doing a Harlem Shake video to promote the Best Business Bracket. It was not met with optimism. There were a few councilmembers willing to do it, but in total the lame vibe is still there. I think Mary Brown doing that video would have been the most epic thing that we have done to date. Oh well. There's always the next fad.

2) There will be a tornado and emergency drill this morning at 10:07. Don't freak out.

Without further adieu, here's Pat:

This week’s City Council meeting was a quick affair, with only a few citizens willing to brave the gloomy winter evening, and none taking the occasion to address the Council. However, Council members and administrators did discuss a few topics worth mentioning:

1. Fire Chief Mark Bailey noted that the City of Fort Thomas, in collaboration with the Campbell Co. Office of Emergency Management and the National Weather Service, will host a Weather Spotters training course on Thursday, March 21, from 6:30-9:30 PM, at the City Building. The course will teach residents how to recognize, respond to, and report severe weather. To enroll, residents should call 859-635-1111.

2. City Administrator Don Martin presented a proposal assembled by the Public Works Committee regarding the 2013 Street Resurfacing Program. This report focused primarily on estimating the cost of repaving Clover Ridge and a few adjoining areas. The committee estimated a cost nearing $440,000 to repave the blacktop, renovate damaged stretches of sidewalk, curb and driveway aprons, and to address pending drainage repairs at lower Rossford.

Administrator Martin also mentioned a plan for a turn lane where Clover Ridge meets Memorial Parkway, in order to allow for smoother flow of traffic. Mayor Mary Brown questioned the need for such repairs, to which Councilman Roger Peterman responded that the stretch of road had not seen significant repair in nearly 20 years.

Councilman Eric Haas, Chair of the Public Works Committee, added that these repairs address underlying, underground causes of road decay, and he applauded Fort Thomas residents’ continued involvement in reporting such issues. The Council voted to approve the Committee’s proposal.

3. Council also discussed planned improvements to Highland Park’s baseball field. The City intends to partner with HHS Athletic Boosters and the District 22 Knothole league in constructing a bigger storage shed to sit adjacent to the baseball field, to be used by both organizations for storing equipment.

Administrator Martin described the partnership between the City and these organizations as mutually beneficial to all parties. Construction is planned to begin in April.

4. The city is again in talks with engineering and environmental firms to figure out what bid will make sense for developers to come into rehab the VA homes once again.

5. Council concluded the meeting with the reading of three ordinances, one of which is noteworthy.

Council read an amendment to the Prohibited Activities on Park Property Ordinance. The amendment states that commercial advertising is now permissible on park property with City approval, and that the sale of alcoholic beverages is now permissible on park property, also contingent on City approval.

So... maybe the HHS Boosters can start generating more revenue by selling beers at home baseball games. They’ll just need to be sure to install some taps and refrigerators in that new storage shed.

Here's to hoping.

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