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Friday, March 29, 2013

Gino Guidugli, Ft. Thomas Beach, Patrick Towles, 41075 Network


- Gino Guidugli was named the Running Back coach at Central Michigan University. Guidugli, who graduated from Highlands in 2001 and started at the University of Cincinnati at Quarterback for 4 years will continue his getting his coaching doctorate at the same university where former UC Head Coaches Brian Kelly (now at Notre Dame) and Butch Jones (now at Tennessee) started their coaching careers.

- Spring Break is this week for Fort Thomas Schools. Don't know if it's true still, but from the formative years between 8th grade and senior year, Highlands turned Panama City Beach into Fort Thomas Beach. God bless our parents for putting up with us. Is this tradition still the same?

- Patrick Towles is in a 3-way quarterback competition at the University of Kentucky with Max Smith and Jalen Whitlow. Of the competition, Patrick said, “It’s what sport is all about. You want to come out here and prove to whoever you need to prove it to that you’re better and you deserve to play. And we’re all out here trying to show coach (Neal) Brown and coach (Mark) Stoops we deserve to play.” 

- Nice turnout last night for the 41075 Networking event at Mio's. Thanks to Scott Colvill and Shawn Hopper from Fort Thomas Provides for organizing. Got a little taste of the patio at Mio's. Cannot wait for good weather. This winter has sucked.

- Newport City Manager Tom Fromme gave the State of the City address on Newport at their latest council meeting. He indicated he couldn't be happier with where the city is positioned. He contended that the city stood strong through the economic downturn and is ready to thrive. I tend to agree.

I'd be happy to see Don Martin pick a date and do this on an annual basis. I'm sure he does this internally, but I'd like him to take this publicly so that citizens have benchmarks of progress to look at each year.

- I want to take a step away from our weekly links to update you on some big things happening at Fort Thomas Matters. Our readers have gotten us so far. You help us grow more than you know, and we are getting ready to take the next step.

We have always talked about a new media. An interactive media where our citizens are well informed on a timely basis, engaged socially, and shopping locally. The next step for Fort Thomas Matters will be revealed shortly to you all.

In the mean time, if you like this type of media; if you like feeling like you have a hand in dispersing information, PLEASE continue to read, share and visit our sponsors. SHOP LOCAL. And if you think of it, tell them you saw it on Fort Thomas Matters.

The more you do this, the better coverage we can give, the more informed you are. The more you can share our stories and advocate for us, the more time we have to be able to answer the questions you don't have time to answer yourselves.

Okay, I'm off my soapbox. More than anything, I just wanted to say thanks. We truly appreciate the support.


  1. Love this site! THANKS!

  2. This is one of the most refreshing things to come to the Fort in many years. Love how you promote our city and "cake"!

  3. Yes, those Panama City days were something else! All I can say is, I hope you get your turn someday!!!
    One of your parents

  4. Thanks guys! Truly appreciate it. Ft Thomas is a special place. Just trying to bring us together a little more.