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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like... Marchmas

As a child, remember the feeling of anxiously walking down the stairs on Christmas morning?  Your expectations exceeded when you lay your eyes on a mound of neatly wrapped gifts under a perfectly lit tree.  That unbridled excitement and pure happiness that can only come during the holidays.  A group of gentleman has been taking part in an NCAA Basketball party for the past four years.  A gathering in March that brings up the childhood feelings of Christmas; that’s right, it’s Marchmas!

Marchmas is a two-night three-day event where March Madness is celebrated endlessly, and brackets are analyzed like the equation in Good Will Hunting.  Marchmas headquarters is transformed into a modern day CTU (24 reference).  There are flat screen televisions everywhere, each programmed to a different game.  I-pads and laptops are utilized to break down matchups, while friendly wagers are made between attendees.  The food, oh my, is there food.  There is enough artery clogging goodness that it would make Chris Christie proud.

The only accepted uniform is sweatpants and team apparel.  The last person that tried to wear jeans was promptly escorted out, and was excommunicated from the Marchmas email circle.  Needless to say being black-balled by the Marchmas committee is on par with declaring bankruptcy or wearing a scarlet “A” in public. 

I asked the host of the event his thoughts on Marchmas entering it’s fourth year.

He said, “After the creation of DVR and my fiancé agreeing to marry me, Marchmas is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.”

That speaks volumes because the host really loves his DVR.

For those who attend the annual Marchmas celebration it is like an adult Christmas.  It is exciting, everyone is happy, and expectations are always surpassed.  The only differences are our Christmas tree is a 5-foot coffin cooler and our gifts come in the form of a giant Servatii pretzel and white castle sliders.

I bring up Marchmas because the NCAA tournament is almost upon us, and we would like to hear how you celebrate the “madness”.  Do you have an annual ritual or party that you look forward to during March?  Do you watch the games with your friends?  Do you prefer to watch the games in solitude so that you can swear at the television in private?  As you fill out your brackets next week remember that the 2nd annual FTM Best Business Bracket will be ongoing on our blog.  You need to return frequently and vote for your favorite Fort Thomas entity to get them in the finals.  Leave your comments below, and enjoy the tournament everyone!  

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