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Monday, March 11, 2013

Listen: FTM Radio Podcast Test. Yikes.

We are at Mio's Fort Thomas right now to test our podcasting abilities. Check back at 7:20 to listen live for our inaugural test run.


First run is complete. You can listen here to see how it went:

Not bad for our first time out with no broadcast experience and no script and our show engineer playing  music throughout the whole broadcast.

I guess that's why you practice though.

Come watch us live and in concert Saturday for St. Patrick's Day at Mio's. We'll start at noon and go for a few hours. The main topic on the agenda will be the unveiling of the 16-business FTM Best Business Bracket field. The first matchup is underway as the CC Library and the CC YMCA face off in the play-in game.

Vote on the poll in the right hand corner.


  1. I vote for YMCA

  2. There's a poll on the page- top right corner, just above the Birkley Services ad.

  3. Saw the sign out front that says "Under new management." What's that about?

  4. There were two owners/partners when the restaurant opened last March. Since then one of the owners bought out the other partner and is solely running the business end of the restaurant right now.