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Monday, March 4, 2013

Tri-ED Assists Northern Kentucky Businesses

The Northern Kentucky Economic Development Corporation, known as Tri-ED, has embarked on a new marketing campaign to help bring more businesses to the region. Tri-ED is devoted to expanding the Northern Kentucky economy, and has released the New Signature Sites and Buildings Catalog, which spotlights business properties. The catalog features possible business locations, and can help expand the local economy within the Northern Kentucky area. Tri-ED's website, along with the catalog, were created to serve as one-stop shop for businesses in the area.

This non-profit organization provides assistance to site developers, realtors, site consultants, and new and existing business owners. "Northern Kentucky Tri-ED provides assistance to local companies that are expanding their operations and works with the local communities to develop the resources and infrastructure to support its economic development program. We also play a supportive role for other public agencies and private development companies sharing a common mission," explains Tri-ED's website. Tri-ED has three primary goals: create new job opportunities in Northern Kentucky, create revenue opportunities for local governments, and expand the region's economy. The Campbell County contingent of Tri-ED's Board of Directors includes Steve Pendery (Chair-Elect, Judge-Executive), Pamela Stapleton (US Worldwide Logistics, Inc.), Hal Wendling (Wendling Printing), and Robert A. Heil (Kohrs Lonneman Heil Engineers, PSC).

Recently, Tri-ED was instrumental in bringing Newly Weds Foods, an international manufacturer and distributor of food ingredients, to Boone County. Their food production facility will create 115 jobs. Additionally, L'Oreal has worked with Tri-ED to open a facility in Florence. The L'Oreal USA plant will reportedly be filling 211 jobs.

How will this impact Ft. Thomas? Well, the catalog does not contain any Ft. Thomas listings, however, the property search section on their website does feature some Ft. Thomas properties. Currently, there are five properties listed on the site. A focus on bringing businesses to this side of the Ohio River will certainly benefit the area as a whole. More large businesses will not only boost the local economy, but bring more interest in small businesses as well. Ft. Thomas has notoriously struggled with keeping local businesses from shuttering, and Tri-ED's efforts could help bring more interest overall to the community.

While Newport Plaza is growing and thriving, Ft. Thomas Plaza is losing tenants. Ft. Thomas Plaza is listed on Tri-ED's site, and will hopefully help to bring new tenants to the struggling shopping center. The middle of town also struggles to keep local shops from moving to locations out of Ft. Thomas. Many possible business properties are sitting vacant along Ft. Thomas Avenue. I think we can all agree that Tri-ED's efforts are welcome and appreciated in the Northern Kentucky area. It will be interesting to see if their campaign can help fill vacant properties, and possibly resurrect some of our town's declining business plazas.

What businesses would you like to see come to Ft. Thomas and the Northern Kentucky area?

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