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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Van Damme It's Friday Links

Unless Mark vs. Food gets picked up for a television series (not actually out of the realm of possibility) last night was my last Mark vs. Food event. Had so much fun raising money, meeting cool people, experiencing being on local news outlets, but my fitness guru at Fit Philosophie simply won't let me do it anymore.

While I'd like to blame it on my new commitment to "Fit Philosophie," truth is, it has just run it's course. 

Who knew 2 years ago when the FTM starting doing the Quest for the Best local pizza, that would lead to Mark vs. Food, which would eventually raise thousands of dollars for The Brighton Center.

But here's what I learned most about my experience eating as many wings as possible last night. Patrick Towles will be a successful human being. 

I was supposed to take on Patrick along with 2 other University of Kentucky Quarterbacks. None of them could make it for various reasons at the last second.

Patrick, who had strep throat, was the only one with enough gumption and integrity to apologize for not making it. He went over and above to have a replacement show up in his place. I could tell that he cared about his commitment to being at the event and was genuinely upset he couldn't attend.

I don't know if Patrick will make it to the NFL (I tend to believe he will) but whatever he does I know he'll be successful. Congratulate his parents, Terry and Amy, next time you see them. They raised a great kid.

Special thanks to UK Offensive Guard, Steven Duff, who stepped in for Patrick. Dude crushed 20 wings in 5 minutes. Good thing he was on my team. We finished with 38 wings in 5 minutes.

Our opponents, which included former UC basketball player, Alex Meacham. took down 24.

Really great night for Mark vs. Food and The Brighton Center. If you don't click any of the links below, please click the one above regarding Steven Duff. He may be my favorite UK football player of all time.

Onto this week's links:

- First reported on Fort Thomas Matters, the VA homes are nearing a point to FINALLY being put out to bid. In an article by FTM City Reporter Pat LaFleur on Tuesday the main point is that they hope to have them occupied by 2015. And they have deteriorated and depreciated significantly since the beginning on the process.

- A report out ranked the healthiest counties in Kentucky based on the rate of people dying before age 75, high school graduation rates, unemployment, access to healthy foods, air and water quality, income, and rates of smoking, obesity and teen births.

Campbell County ranked #16 out of 120. Boone County was 2nd. Kenton County was 21st. 

- Former Highlands Football player, Mike Mitchell, signed a free agent contract with the Carolina Panthers. Mitchell signed a one-year deal and had a chance to sign with his hometown team, when the Cincinnati Bengals also offered Mitchell a contract. 

- The "Crime of the Century" aka the death of Pearl Bryan will be on display at the Military and Community Museum in Tower Park. The Fort Thomas murder, which led to the last public hanging in Campbell County, will have a display at the museum starting May 10. 

- Don't forget, 1st round voting for the FTM BBB ends Sunday at which point another round of voting will take place. 

- The Fort Thomas Annual Police Report is out. Be on the lookout for our annual review of the review. 

- On top of that, Debbie Buckley compiled the first ever Renaissance Committee Report. It has not been presented to council yet, so it's not available to us, but that should be really interesting as well.


  1. You HAVE to keep doing those competitions. That's how I learned about Ft. Thomas Matters. How about challenging some Bengals and or Reds guys?

  2. :( sad I didnt get to go to one :(((

  3. The VA homes have been handled horribly. Shame on the city for letting then get where they are today.

  4. Just demolish and develop at this point. No sense in sinking money into these pits. Shame on you Ft. Thomas!

  5. Why did it take so long?

  6. I don't understand the anger towards the city about the VA homes. The city doesn't own them, and from what I've read, they've done everything they could to get them ASAP. The VA/Fed's are the ones dragging their feet.

  7. Should have spent the money needed from the get go before they deteriorated to the state they are currently in.

    Short sited by the city mgr and council.

  8. As noted by one sane poster above..

    The city didn't own the property and had no control.. The US Government owns those properties..

  9. Let me step in for a second and play referee. Yes, the VA homes are owned by the Feds. The city cannot force then to sell.

    Saying that, as much as we have covered this issue, there still seems to be some confusion in the issue.

    Ill get our staff working on a story to clear everything up, including a timeline of dates. But let's stay off the city admin until further notice, guys. They are trying to get it done.