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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cinco de Mayo Day Bash this Sunday at Anita's

The Carter New Band will be headlining the Cinco de Mayo Bash at Anita's. Brought to you by Tristate Fireworks. 

If you are a frequenter of our Facebook page (why haven't you liked us yet?) this is old news, but Anita's owner, Pedro Meza, is going all out for Cinco de Mayo this Sunday, May 5th. 

If you haven't been to Anita's yet, here's a perfect opportunity to see what he and his family have done to overhaul the old Frisch's on Alexandria Pike.

A few weeks ago I highlighted a page from Debbie Buckley's Renaissance Annual Report in which she reported businesses who made significant dollar improvements (on top of their purchase price) to buildings, as well as new employees.

Pedro Meza picked Fort Thomas out of many cities coveting him and Anita's, which is a ode to his mother, Anita. He also spent $125, 000 on improvements to the building (including a really nice patio) and brought 9 new employees (which add to our city's tax base).

FortThomasMatters continues to evolve. From a small blog, to a fledgeling news site, to the #1 source for Fort Thomas news, to a dynamic Public Relations firm for our advertisers, we are now starting down our next path: A Shop Local Advocate and Hub. 

Here's your chance to try Anita's for yourself. Meet Pedro. Have a margarita. Eat some cheap, authentic Mexican fare straight from Pedro's mother Anita's kitchen, listen to music. Support local business. Tell him you are happy he's here. 

Share this article with your friends and family. Let's pack Anita's!

Here's what to expect on Sunday:
$5  selected food specials
$5 Jumbo Margaritas (I'm partial to Francisco's, Pedro's nephew - he always makes mine)
$2 Domestic beers
$2.50 Mexican imports
Fireworks giveaways brought to you by Tristate Fireworks
FortThomasMatters live podcast at 4:00
The Carter New Band starting at 5:30

Stay Thirsty My Friends

Why Highlands Was Left Out of 2013 State Rankings

By Pat Lafleur, 
FortThomasMatters City Beat

Last Friday reported the U.S. News & World Report had released its top 10 best public high schools in the state, ranked for meeting state proficiency standards and college preparedness goals.

Two NKY public high schools made KY’s top 10 – Beechwood (6) and Ryle (9) – but Fort Thomas Independent administrators were surprised last week that there wasn’t a third NKY high school recognized, as HHS remained absent from the list.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Mama on a Budget- Stroller Strong

I’ve tried a number of ridiculous infomercial aerobic fads: the Ab Roller, Hip Hop Abs, the thighmaster, and buns of steel.  I’ve sweat to the oldies, P-90’ed my X off, and walked hundreds of miles in ankle weights and spandex.  But before last week, I had never used my Bob Ironman Duallie (no, they don’t sponsor this column but yes, I would love to accept anything free from them!) for anything other than running mile upon endless mile.  Fit? Yes.  Strong? Well…not so much.

Knox, Fin, and I took a class from Rita Eversole-Doty, mother of 3, called Stroller Strong which allowed me to get in a pretty good workout while spending time with my children.  I love the YMCA because I can drop the kids off and then just run and run trying to outrun the guilt of leaving my kids with someone else.  With this class I can work out guilt-free.  Although, I’m sure I will feel guilty when they have nightmares from my awesome dance moves, but, whatever works up a sweat, right?

A couple of quick points about this workout to bear in mind.  If you’re looking for a quiet and relaxing workout, keep the stroller rolling.  If you want a chance to work out with your kids, good luck!  If you want a very strenuous, high-octane workout, not happening.  But, if you’re looking for a moderate activity level that encompasses stretching, some aerobic work, some light strength work, and good quality time with your kids, then this is the right fit. 

I do wish there would have been some opportunity to get my kids out of the stroller and do some work with them (one of my husband’s favorite strength builders is bench-pressing Knox and arm-curling Finley and they love it too; couldn’t something similar have been incorporated?).  Also, I run upwards of twenty miles a week so I would not have minded a higher difficulty level.  However, it was still an enjoyable workout and a fun way to spend an hour with fellow moms.  Additionally, Rita was great about varying the activities and responding to the cries of the younger crowd (i.e., kids).  So, if a stroller-bound babe got fussy, she’d change the activity to one that required more movement to, hopefully, settle the child down.

For more information, email Rita at, 513-295-5840, or   Several moms have recently expressed interest in these classes to me and Rita let me know that moms can try the class one time for free or can purchase as few as four weeks at a time.  The classes are $12 per class if you pay for only one but are significantly less expensive if you buy more (see price structure on their website).  Also, on hulafrog there is a 50% off coupon for a 10-class pass (normally $100).  Classes are held at varying times at Ault Park with the next one occurring on Friday May 3 at 9:30 ( a special class including snacks and a raffle).  So, get out, get moving, and get Stroller Strong (ish) and tell Rita “Momma on a Budget” sent you.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

449th Engineering Company Coming Home

The streets on the west side of Fort Thomas are lined with yellow ribbons.  Many people have contacted Fort Thomas Matters questioning what they stood for.  

We are happy to announce that the 449th Engineer Company will be returning home to Fort Thomas.  They have been in Afghanistan supporting the 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division by keeping all their routes clear of bombs and insurgent activities.

They will be returning to Fort Thomas tomorrow around 4 P.M.  Their route into the city will cover Alexandria Pike, S. Fort Thomas Avenue, Douglas Avenue, and throughout Tower Park.  We encourage you to welcome Captain Travis W. Absher and the men and women of the 449th Engineering Company back home.  There will be flags and ribbons being handed out if you arrive early.  The Fort Thomas Police and Fire Department will also help welcome back our best and bravest.

If you would like to send the people of the 449th a personal message, or thank them for their selfless service to our country here is a link to their Facebook page.

Captain Absher was quoted, as saying his primary form of payment for the mission would be bringing all the soldiers of the 449th home safely.  Tomorrow Fort Thomas can “pay” Captain Absher and his troops with our appreciation and thanks!

Fort Thomas Matters would like to say thank you to the 449th Engineering Company for their service devotion to our country.  It is great to finally have you home! 

Merchants and Music Festival Adds Chris Janson to Lineup

If you're counting down the days until this year's event, I have good news for you: another musical act has been added to the lineup. Country music's rising star, Chris Janson, will be performing at the festival.

Adding another musician to the Amphitheater stage was not a decision festival planners took lightly. They worked with music management companies to find the perfect act for Ft. Thomas. I recently spoke with Chairman Ashli Slawter about this year's festival, and the addition of Chris Janson to the lineup. "We decided to add an 'up and comer' in the country music industry to the lineup.  To do so we communicated with several management companies in Nashville to find a great young artist. We decided Chris Janson was a good fit because we love his sound and stage presence," said Slawter. Janson has been making waves in the county music scene with his song, "Better I Don't." You can check out Janson's website for more information on his music career.

Friday, April 26, 2013 1000th Post (Big News)

And the big news is...

We are moving into print!

I am taking the Editor position at The Fort Thomas Living Magazine and the FTM brain-trust will move a majority of the content you read here on a daily basis to the monthly magazine that has been an institution in our community since 1977.

And it is an institution. Who doesn't have a current copy of The Fort Thomas Living either on their coffee table right now or a few articles clipped out and pasted in scrapbooks or on the refrigerator?

I will do my best to keep the archival journalism-style that you are used to in The Living, but at the same time, I intend to shake it up a bit. Modernize it. We'll infuse our style, our features, our insight and access to the magazine that is delivered to every Fort Thomas home. 

It's a big step for Fort Thomas Matters. Who would have thought the little website that 2008 City Council Candidate, Darrin Murriner, created in 2007 (here's FTM first post ever) to test the temperature of the city would get to the place it is today?

40,000 page views per month. Daily postings. 7 staff writers. And now published  in print and widely distributed. 

We couldn't have gotten this far with you, the readers. Thank you so much for getting us this far. My pledge to you is to continue to better the coverage we provide. Aside from reading and sharing items on with your friends and family, the best thing you can possibly do for us and our community is to patronize our advertisers.

Shop local. Keep our money here. Use our advertisers and I promise our coverage will continue to get better and better. 

Here's to the next step!

Van Damme It's Friday: Fort Thomas Fun Fact Edition

There will actually be 2 posts today. This is's 999th post, which inevitably leads to a big milestone in our website's history: the 1000th post. 

We've been holding back BIG NEWS for this milestone post, which has almost leapt out of me more than a few times.

Post 1000 will publish at noon today. I promise it'll be a good one. Onto this week's Van Damme It's Friday Links. I perused a few of the annual reports put out by city officials over the last few weeks. Here are some interesting tidbits from those reports:

- Fort Thomas was recognized as a Tree City USA Community for the 21st year.

- The following represents figures for new home construction during the previous 8 years:
Year          # of New Homes          Construction Costs
2005                   7                          $2,952,000
2006                   12                        $4,714,650
2007                   19                        $6,651,676
2008                   7                          $3,641,965
2009                   10                        $3,403,266
2010                   21                        $6,368,196
2011                   14                        $3,791,360
2012                   18                        $6,484,837

- Total Valuation of all 2012 Building Permits: $9,511,906

- The Armory Room Rental had 103 paid rentals, which was a new record.

- The Midway Farmer's Market is now in its 5th year. In its 1st year at Fort Thomas Plaza, the Farmers' Market vendors said that, "They sold more at this market than (at) Findley, Covington or Independence."

- The Merchants & Music Festival tripled the number of vendors and the amount of sponsorship dollars.  Here are some figures from the festival:
Total Cost:    $53,695.82
LIFT Grant:  $2,000
Beer Sales:    $4,250
Sponsors:      $31,375

ACTUAL COST: $16,170.82 ($8,829.18 UNDER BUDGET)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Listerman Ready to lead new era of Highlands Basketball

Fort Thomas Matters Sports Reporter

It’s currently a breath of fresh air.

But the search committee saw Kevin Listerman as the leader with the qualities to bring the once-proud program back into prominence in Northern Kentucky. Thus, the committee named him the new Highlands Head Boys Basketball Coach on Wednesday.

“I am very excited to continue the tradition of excellence, both academically and athletically, at Highlands,” Listerman said in a release. “I am looking forward to the opportunity to have an impact on both the students and community of Fort Thomas.”

Listerman currently teaches Biology and is an Assistant Varsity Basketball Coach at Cincinnati Colerain. Listerman will take the same teaching position next school year. He owns more than nine years of teaching experience at the high school level that also includes Anatomy, Physiology and Advanced Placement Chemistry.

Listerman said the program can be successful again, even with the success of the football team. Many of the players also played football and helped the Bluebirds to six consecutive state championships.

The number of students can help the cause. The school’s enrollment is about 800 students.

“The biggest thing is the kids are going to see my enthusiasm and energy,” Listerman said. “They have to make a choice to be committed to making it a successful program. The Fort Thomas community wants and demands excellence. I feel like things are in place for the program to be successful.”

Listerman, 35, played basketball at Covington Catholic graduating in 1995 and Northern Kentucky University. Listerman earned his undergraduate degree from NKU in 1999 and Masters in 2002. In four years playing at Northern, the Norse appeared in four NCAA Division II Basketball Tournaments including two NCAA National Championship games.

Before going to Colerain, Listerman served as an assistant at Northern Kentucky University and Covington Catholic. He had one-year stints as Head Coach at Bellevue and Boone County combining to go 43-16. Listerman coached the Tigers to a 17-12 mark in 2002-03 and the Northern Kentucky Athletic Conference Division III crown before coaching the Rebels to a 26-4 mark the following year. The Rebels won the 33rd District before losing to Covington Catholic in the 9th Region title game. At that time, the Colonels were coached by his father Mike, currently an assistant at Holmes.

Listerman is also the head coach of a minor league basketball team in the Kentucky Basketball Developmental League. He was the league’s coach of the Year in 2008.

“Our committee was very excited to find such an outstanding teacher and coach,” said Brian Robinson, Highlands Principal. “We feel that Kevin will be a tremendous addition to our science department and just the right person to build an elite basketball program. His record of success, commitment to excellence, and enthusiasm for impacting young people in a positive way makes us feel fortunate to have him as part of our learning community.”

Listerman said he learned two things from his dad coaching-wise. That’s to teach and always find positives.

Listerman fills in for veteran Head Coach Mike Flynn, who stepped down in March after going 50-61 in four years. During that time, the Bluebirds made two 9th Region Tournament appearances losing to Dixie Heights in the first round in 2011 and Lloyd Memorial in 2012 in the same round.

“Kevin has made a tremendous, positive impact on every school that he has been associated with as a player, teacher and coach,” said Dale Mueller, Highlands Director of Athletics. “He is a man of outstanding character and a great role model for young people. We are truly blessed that he will be a member of the Highlands community and lead our basketball program.”

Highlands graduated four players from this past year’s team that finished 12-16 and lost to Newport Central Catholic in the first round of the 36th District Tournament, including Luke Turner. Turner averaged 11.3 points per contest.

The Bluebirds will return starters Nick True and Drew Houliston. Houliston averaged 11.3 points per contest and True averaged six rebounds. Other players like Parker Harris showed promise last year.

“We hope (the coaching change) motivates people to come out,” said Todd Ramey, Highlands junior. “He’s young and energetic. We hope he changes our enthusiasm in practice knowing we’re starting over.”

Listerman said he’s not decided on any assistants or what style of play to implement yet. But he prefers to play pressure defense and an up-temp offense. However, he said they will play to their strengths.

Listerman met with the returning players Thursday. Houliston said his positivity resonated throughout the room.

“I think he’s going to bring a lot more wins,” Houliston said. “He’s motivated. He had a great career at CovCath and NKU so he definitely knows how to get us better.”

The Bluebirds last won a district championship in 2008 and last won the region in 2001. Between 1997 and 2001, Highlands won the 9th Region four out of five years and finished state runner-up in 1997.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Old Birds Coming Together

This Saturday, April 27 is the annual “Welcome Back to the Nest” dinner presented by the Highlands High School Alumni Association.  The dinner will be held at the Highlands Country Club and will honor the school district’s best teachers and most respected alumni.  Cocktails will begin at 6:00 P.M. and dinner will be served at 7:00P.M.  Tickets are on sale now for $30.00 or you can purchase tickets at the door for $35.00.  Everyone attending the event will receive a special alumni gift. 

To reserve your tickets you may drop off your check made payable to “HHSAA” to
 Linda Stapleton Slone at the Bank of Kentucky (25 N. Fort Thomas Ave). You can also visit their website,, or email the HHSAA at for tickets.
If you cannot attend the dinner but would still like to support the Alumni Association and “We the People”, a student group that demonstrates the academic excellence of HHS, sponsorship opportunities are also available.

The President of the HHSAA, Matt Dowling, explained the nomination process for the honorees.  "The Alumnus of the year and Teacher of the year are selected by the Alumni Association board. The board takes nominations from alumni members and other supporters and then makes a selection each year. This years alumnus of the year was actually nominated by multiple people throughout the year. I think that tells you exactly how well respected Bill Thomas is to the Ft. Thomas community. The Teacher of the year awards are nominated by a committee led by the Principle of each school. The Alumni Association then approves the nomination prior to the event. Brian Robinson has been a huge help throughout this process."
Here is a list of the honorees that will be acknowledged at the event:

Alumnus of the Year: Bill Thomas

HHS Teacher of the Year: Ann Meyer

Outstanding Middle School Teacher of the Year: Susan Christy

Outstanding Elementary Teacher of the Year: Dawn Hils

Speaker: Dale Mueller

You can follow the HHSAA on Facebook and on Twitter.  If you have any questions you can contact the Communications Director, Lexie Dressman-Dowling, at

Just in CASE

Just in CASE you had forgotten, we like to let you know of specials and deals going on around Fort Thomas, especially from our advertising partners.  Case Golden Leaf, under new Fort Thomas owned management since last July, is running a couple deals in time for Mother’s Day or just for that special someone’s random Thursday gift (right husband?).  This week, they are offering 20% off everything in the store (excluding fresh flowers and planters) and all of their holiday merchandise is currently 75% off.  As Mother’s Day approaches (May 12, right husband?), they will have fresh arrangements, bouquets, and chocolates but also jewelry, home d├ęcor, and planters.  One of the differentiators for Case from other florists is their commitment to selling unique and hand-made items such as the jewelry, home-made chocolates, and other gift offerings in the store.  So, be sure to stop by and give them a try (right, dear, dear husband?)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Alt. Rte. (New Feature Column)

Alt. Rte.
By Pat Lafleur, City Beat

It's no secret that Greater Cincinnati/Northern KY is a region driven almost exclusively by the automobile. But, there is another way! Many other ways! Alt. Rte. is a new, recurring feature on FTM that will explore what it means to live in and commute through Northern Kentucky car-free. What are the best ways to explore NKY by foot, by pedal, or by public transit? What do you find along the way? What do you see that you might not have seen if you'd been driving instead? Pat LaFleur, FTM contributor and author of Alt. Rte., has now logged 4 car-free months living and commuting in NKY. He may never go back to owning a car again. This column aims to chronicle this on-going journey, and the hidden commutes throughout NKY.

I began commuting primarily by pedal almost two years ago, when I moved from Ft. Thomas to Newport, down into the cradle of the river valley. Terrain is much flatter there than in Ft. Thomas, and this was especially important to me given that my bicycle runs on a single-gear and a coaster-brake (that is, you push back on the pedal to engage the braking mechanism).

More Newport Pavilion Signage Up

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Highlands Boys Hoops Head Coaching Job Still Good One

G. Michael Graham
Even though the Highlands Bluebirds boys basketball team has not been a region contender in a while, it is still important in Fort Thomas.

That’s evidenced by the numerous posts about the open head coaching position on Bluegrass Preps. You can’t believe everything you read on that web site. But it can give you some good information.

Some wonder if basketball can also be successful at a tradition-rich football high school. I don’t see why not. It has before.

Thus, this is my two cents on the matter. Keep in mind this is just one opinion and I do not have the expertise that those involved in hiring the next head coach do.

I first want to say that I feel veteran Head Coach Mike Flynn and his assistants gave it everything they had. Things just did not work out so Flynn resigned in March.

The Bluebirds finished 50-61 in Flynn’s four-year tenure with appearances in the 9th Region Tournament in 2011 and 2012. They lost to Dixie Heights in the regional quarterfinals in 2011 and Lloyd Memorial the following year in the same round.

Highlands has not won a region game since 2009 and not won a 36th District championship since 2008. The Bluebirds once dominated the 9th Region having won 12 championships including four in a five-year span between 1997 and 2001 led by the likes of Derek Smith, Jared Lorenzen and Ross Neltner.

“Anytime there’s a coaching change in any sport, it is an exciting time. It is a time when you have the opportunity to make a substantial step forward,” said Dale Mueller, Highlands Director of Athletics. “We’re looking for ways for our guys to have a good experience and battle for region and state championships on a regular basis. We have guys in Fort Thomas that love playing basketball.”

To see potential candidates...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Village Players Reunite the Sisters Rosensweig

Does your family ever drive you crazy? Take a break from them, and see how Sara Goode deals with her family in The Village Players' staging of The Sisters Rosensweig. This play has a little something for everyone - birthday celebrations, love, politics, and of course, the intricacies of familial relationships. 

Last night, The Village Players opened a six-night run of The Sisters Rosensweig. They have provided a summary of the play on their website: "Sara Goode, an enormously successful American woman working in London, is about to celebrate her fifty-fourth birthday. Her quiet, expatriate life is interrupted by a visit from her two sisters. As if this weren’t causing enough stress, her daughter announces a plan to rush off to Lithuania for reasons of political protest. Other unexpected guests arrive, leading to romance, suspected parings, recriminations and, above all, newfound love and acceptance."

The Sisters Rosensweig has found the perfect balance between serious moments and silly humor. This play first won over audiences in the early 1990s before making it to Broadway in 1993. That year, the play also collected multiple awards. 

As if you need another reason to support local arts organizations, The Village Players will be donating all the proceeds from the show to the Senior Services of Northern Kentucky. All tickets are $15, and can be purchased by calling 859-392-0500. 

From now until April 27, you can support local theater while also give back to the community. And the best part? You don't even have to leave Ft. Thomas to see a great play. See you at the theater. 

Remaining performance dates and times:
Saturday, April 20: 8:00pm
Sunday, April 21: 3:00pm
Thursday, April 25: 8:00pm
Friday, April 26: 8:00pm
Saturday, April 27: 8:00pm

Friday, April 19, 2013

FTM Best Business Winner, Renaissance Annual Review, New Sponsors, #BootheWoo

Van DAMME It's Friday!

- 16 of Ft. Thomas' finest businesses started. One came out on top. A big congratulations to Fit Philosophie and owner Jennifer Lynn for winning the 2nd Annual Fort Thomas Matters Best Business Bracket. 

A total of over 4000 votes were cast over the course of 3 weeks in March. Fit Philosophie won the New Business Bracket, finally culminating with a win over The Ft. Thomas Swim Club in the final. Fit Philosophie used the strength of its loyal and building client base to rock the vote. 

Make sure you stop by 911 N. Fort Thomas Ave to see the coveted WaterTower trophy. Stay for a workout. 

- Speaking of workouts. I completed the March Madness Challenge at Fit Philosophie last month. I worked out with Jennifer 3 times a week for the month. The March Madness Challenge was composed of wall sits, planks and burpees. 

We took a baseline test at the beginning of the month. Then... we sweat. TRX (Suspension Training), Reformer machines, and yoga. 

Here were my results:

Wall Sit
Beginning 1:59
End           5:21

Beginning 1:40
End           4:04

Burpees (1 minute)
Beginning 21
End           28

I lost 9 pounds as well. If you haven't checked her out yet, what are you waiting for? Tell her FTM sent you and your first class is free. 

- Debbie Buckley put out the first Renaissance Annual Report. I'll get into it in more detail down the road, but I did want to highlight my favorite page she put together. It's the Economic Development page, which highlights businesses that invested significant money in their buildings on top of purchase price. The figures on the page shows their rehabilitation investment dollars and number of employees. 

Hopefully you can read the page. If not, comment and I'll list them. 

- I'd like to officially welcome a few new sponsors to the Fort Thomas Matters family. Designer Ally Custom Cabinetry and Lovell's Hardwood Floors. They are right next to each other in the Midway District. 

If you are in the market for a remodel, give them a look. How much more convenient can it get? And if we aren't beating the "Shop Fort Thomas" drum hard enough, I'll say it again:
 Keep our money in Fort Thomas, Make the Community Better!

- If you'll indulge me, I'd like to go a little off the Ft. Thomas topic. If you've been to a Reds game over the last year, there's no doubt you've heard the Woo. What's the Woo? It's the rally cry from the great Ric Flair. It's terrible and I can't believe people still do it. 

I was on with ESPN's Lance McAllister yesterday on ESPN1530, joining him in his anti-Woo jihad. I suggested a new mantra: Boo the Woo. 

Lance loved it. My guys at are even making a shirt to display the new slogan. I bring this up to my Fort Thomas neighbors to help spread the mantra: Boo the Woo. 

When you go to a Reds game this summer, and some "hey-look-at-me" joker starts wooing, boo them. Be relentless. Be ruthless. We must beat this woo into submission. 

If you're on twitter, #BootheWoo. 

Dick's Sporting Goods to Newport Pavilion (Other Possibilities Listed)

Dick's Sporting Goods will be opening a 45,000 square foot store along Pavilion Parkway, according to developer Anchor Associates.

The new store is already under construction and plans to be open before the holidays.

Michael's, Petsmart, Famous Footwear, Aspen Dental, Mattress Firm, AT&T will join BW3s and Chipotle as the newest stores under construction that should be in business by the end of the year.

Since Anchor Associates took over for Bear Creek Capital, the Newport Pavilion has taken off. Here are some of Anchor Associates clients (including Dick's) that may end up in the Pavilion:

Fort Thomas Elementary Districts Moving? Kids Starting Kindergarten Earlier?

The last time the city of Fort Thomas had the school districts revised was around 1996.  Fort Thomas Matters received information that suggested another redistricting may be on the horizon, so I got in contact with Gene Kirchner, superintendent of The Fort Thomas Independent Schools to clear up some school district rumors.

Mr. Kirchner did acknowledge that Ruth Moyer Elementary is the largest of the three elementary schools, and that it is technically over capacity.  He said, While the Fort Thomas Board of Education is concerned about the space issue at Moyer, there is no immediate plan for redistricting. Our focus at this time is on providing the additional resources necessary to improve the experience for the students and staff that are currently at Moyer.

The school board’s focus does include replacing the mobile classrooms on the back lawn with new units which are larger and equipped with bathrooms.  Logistically the new larger classroom units will be accompanied by a drop off loop that will wrap around the school alleviating the traffic on Highland Avenue.

Report of Attempted and Successful Break-Ins in Fort Thomas

Fort Thomas Matters wanted to make our readers aware of recent attempts to break in to resident's homes.

Reports of the break-ins were presented to our Jessica Duke.  She was told the perpetrators are trying to get in through unlocked windows.  There have been attempts and successful break-ins around Walker Lane in Fort Thomas.

This is a reminder that with the pleasant weather moving in, and the windows beginning to open you much lock your windows and doors at night.

If you have any more information about these crimes please let us know at Fort Thomas Matters.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

471 "Revive the Drive" Short Cuts

By Pat Lafleur, 
FortThomasMatters City Beat

If you used I-471 SB at all this past weekend, I’m sorry to assume that you’ve suffered a rude awakening.

Yes, as with every Spring thaw, the orange barrels have resurfaced, and this year with a vengeance. Here’s a run-down of the road construction projects that will impact your commutes throughout Northern KY this season:

The majority of roadwork facing Northern Kentucky is part of the Revive the Drive project that began last summer, with renovations to I-471 NB from US 27 in Highland Heights to the Daniel Carter Beard Bridge. Pay attention; there’s a lot going on with this project:

I-471 SB

Starting April 15th, traffic will be in a shifted position. Expect the possibility of either/both shoulders being closed on I-471 SB from Daniel Carter Beard to US 27 in Highland Heights.

Traffic will maintain three lanes during peak periods (namely, evening rush hour), but may be reduced to two lanes from 5 AM to 2 PM daily. During nighttime drive periods, traffic may be reduced to one lane.

This strategy will be in effect until the project is complete. Last year’s phase saw early completion, in early fall.

Ramp, I-471 SB to I-275 WB

The ramp connecting I-471 SB and I-275 WB is under construction. Because it’s a short ramp with a sharp turn, drivers should be extra cautious when using this ramp. Watch for construction vehicles entering and exiting the roadway.

I-275 WB @ I-471 Interchange

Lane closures will occur in the right lane of I-275 WB between I-471 interchange and 3-Mile Rd. until further notice. These closures are consequential to Revive the Drive project. Because I didn’t have any idea where 3-Mile Rd. is, I included a screen shot, courtesy of Google Maps.

I-275, Exits 82-84

The Norfolk Southern Railroad bridge over I-275 will be getting a makeover. Until completed, the right lane of I-275 WB between Exits 82 and 84 is closed for this project. Watch for lane shifts. The 2nd right lane will also be closed nightly between 10 PM and 6 AM. (Below, the railroad bridge fits into the solid gray line running NE to SW, through the center.)