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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

471 "Revive the Drive" Short Cuts

By Pat Lafleur, 
FortThomasMatters City Beat

If you used I-471 SB at all this past weekend, I’m sorry to assume that you’ve suffered a rude awakening.

Yes, as with every Spring thaw, the orange barrels have resurfaced, and this year with a vengeance. Here’s a run-down of the road construction projects that will impact your commutes throughout Northern KY this season:

The majority of roadwork facing Northern Kentucky is part of the Revive the Drive project that began last summer, with renovations to I-471 NB from US 27 in Highland Heights to the Daniel Carter Beard Bridge. Pay attention; there’s a lot going on with this project:

I-471 SB

Starting April 15th, traffic will be in a shifted position. Expect the possibility of either/both shoulders being closed on I-471 SB from Daniel Carter Beard to US 27 in Highland Heights.

Traffic will maintain three lanes during peak periods (namely, evening rush hour), but may be reduced to two lanes from 5 AM to 2 PM daily. During nighttime drive periods, traffic may be reduced to one lane.

This strategy will be in effect until the project is complete. Last year’s phase saw early completion, in early fall.

Ramp, I-471 SB to I-275 WB

The ramp connecting I-471 SB and I-275 WB is under construction. Because it’s a short ramp with a sharp turn, drivers should be extra cautious when using this ramp. Watch for construction vehicles entering and exiting the roadway.

I-275 WB @ I-471 Interchange

Lane closures will occur in the right lane of I-275 WB between I-471 interchange and 3-Mile Rd. until further notice. These closures are consequential to Revive the Drive project. Because I didn’t have any idea where 3-Mile Rd. is, I included a screen shot, courtesy of Google Maps.

I-275, Exits 82-84

The Norfolk Southern Railroad bridge over I-275 will be getting a makeover. Until completed, the right lane of I-275 WB between Exits 82 and 84 is closed for this project. Watch for lane shifts. The 2nd right lane will also be closed nightly between 10 PM and 6 AM. (Below, the railroad bridge fits into the solid gray line running NE to SW, through the center.)

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