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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cinco de Mayo Day Bash this Sunday at Anita's

The Carter New Band will be headlining the Cinco de Mayo Bash at Anita's. Brought to you by Tristate Fireworks. 

If you are a frequenter of our Facebook page (why haven't you liked us yet?) this is old news, but Anita's owner, Pedro Meza, is going all out for Cinco de Mayo this Sunday, May 5th. 

If you haven't been to Anita's yet, here's a perfect opportunity to see what he and his family have done to overhaul the old Frisch's on Alexandria Pike.

A few weeks ago I highlighted a page from Debbie Buckley's Renaissance Annual Report in which she reported businesses who made significant dollar improvements (on top of their purchase price) to buildings, as well as new employees.

Pedro Meza picked Fort Thomas out of many cities coveting him and Anita's, which is a ode to his mother, Anita. He also spent $125, 000 on improvements to the building (including a really nice patio) and brought 9 new employees (which add to our city's tax base).

FortThomasMatters continues to evolve. From a small blog, to a fledgeling news site, to the #1 source for Fort Thomas news, to a dynamic Public Relations firm for our advertisers, we are now starting down our next path: A Shop Local Advocate and Hub. 

Here's your chance to try Anita's for yourself. Meet Pedro. Have a margarita. Eat some cheap, authentic Mexican fare straight from Pedro's mother Anita's kitchen, listen to music. Support local business. Tell him you are happy he's here. 

Share this article with your friends and family. Let's pack Anita's!

Here's what to expect on Sunday:
$5  selected food specials
$5 Jumbo Margaritas (I'm partial to Francisco's, Pedro's nephew - he always makes mine)
$2 Domestic beers
$2.50 Mexican imports
Fireworks giveaways brought to you by Tristate Fireworks
FortThomasMatters live podcast at 4:00
The Carter New Band starting at 5:30

Stay Thirsty My Friends

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  1. I frequent Anita's and really enjoy the atmosphere, food, and staff. Excited for this Sunday.