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Friday, April 19, 2013

Dick's Sporting Goods to Newport Pavilion (Other Possibilities Listed)

Dick's Sporting Goods will be opening a 45,000 square foot store along Pavilion Parkway, according to developer Anchor Associates.

The new store is already under construction and plans to be open before the holidays.

Michael's, Petsmart, Famous Footwear, Aspen Dental, Mattress Firm, AT&T will join BW3s and Chipotle as the newest stores under construction that should be in business by the end of the year.

Since Anchor Associates took over for Bear Creek Capital, the Newport Pavilion has taken off. Here are some of Anchor Associates clients (including Dick's) that may end up in the Pavilion:

- Bed, Bath and Beyond
- Best Buy
- Borders
- Buy Buy Baby
- Christmas Tree Shops
- Forman Mills
- Gander Mtn.
- Gap
- Harbor Freight Tools
- JC Penney
- Jo Ann
- Lowe's
- Muenchen's Furniture Express
- Office Depot
- Old Navy
- Plum Market
- Save A Lot
- Sears
- Trader Joe's
- Weekend Furniture Outlet

Not saying these places are coming here, by any means. But at the same time, the connection to Anchor bodes well for one or more of these retailers to end up in Newport. Specifically, there are not that many clothing retailers that are currently here.

More specifically, Trader Joe's would do very well in this area.


  1. Make mine a vote for Trader Joe's!

  2. As exciting as this seems, is a store of this size really a good idea? Parking and traffic are already a bit crazy and all of the retailers and restaurants aren't even opened yet. The planning committee needs to be careful and not get over zealous.

  3. Oh, a Trader Joe's! Please!

  4. Whomever wrote this story; Borders has been out of business nationwide for slightly over three years.

  5. Borders still has an online business presence and is still listed as an Anchor Associates client.

    Barnes and Nobles bought their retail component.