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Friday, April 19, 2013

Fort Thomas Elementary Districts Moving? Kids Starting Kindergarten Earlier?

The last time the city of Fort Thomas had the school districts revised was around 1996.  Fort Thomas Matters received information that suggested another redistricting may be on the horizon, so I got in contact with Gene Kirchner, superintendent of The Fort Thomas Independent Schools to clear up some school district rumors.

Mr. Kirchner did acknowledge that Ruth Moyer Elementary is the largest of the three elementary schools, and that it is technically over capacity.  He said, While the Fort Thomas Board of Education is concerned about the space issue at Moyer, there is no immediate plan for redistricting. Our focus at this time is on providing the additional resources necessary to improve the experience for the students and staff that are currently at Moyer.

The school board’s focus does include replacing the mobile classrooms on the back lawn with new units which are larger and equipped with bathrooms.  Logistically the new larger classroom units will be accompanied by a drop off loop that will wrap around the school alleviating the traffic on Highland Avenue.

Mr. Kirchner did not flat out deny the redistricting rumors though, he advised,There is always the possibility that some form of redistricting might have to occur in the future. However, at this point the earliest that could occur would be the 2014-15 school year.”

With Samuel Woodfill Elementary being newly renovated it would make sense that they accept a portion of the Moyer students to lessen the crowd there.

Another rumor that FTM wanted to clear up was that the age for children to start kindergarten had been changed.  Mr. Kirchner confirmed this rumor saying, “The state of Kentucky has indeed made a change to the law. However, my understanding is that it won’t go into effect until the 2017-18 school year.  He went on to explain, “Currently, all students who turn five by October 1st are eligible to begin kindergarten. The new rule will change the eligibility date to August 1st. As such, students who are four years old when the school year begins will not be eligible for kindergarten.”

Mr. Kirchner stressed the fact that this change is a state regulation, not a Fort Thomas Board of Education decision.

What are your thoughts on the potential change with the school district?  How do you feel about the age regulation for kindergarten registration being changed?  Leave your comments below or on one of our social media outlets.      


  1. I can tell you that anyone who gets moved from Moyer to Woodfill will be unhappy, even if Woodfill has a nicer, more modern building. There is still a historical snobbery towards anything associated with the south side of Ft. Thomas.

  2. Thank you for providing information on this topic. Any re-districting just causes issues for all the families involved. I think they should just try to work it out and leave the boundaries where they are. Even though I wouldn't mind sending my kids to Woodfill for the nicer facilities, once your kids start in a school, they should be able to stay there and siblings shouldn't be split apart.

    As for the Kindergarten age, I would rather have seen KY mandate all day K rather than move the cutoff up. I don't think the half-day K prepares kids for school as well as all day K and having to pay for all day K and fight for a spot is a little crazy.

  3. Get over yourself and the snobbery! Woodfill has great students and teachers. You and your stupid comment just perpetuates the ridiculous notion that Moyer families are somehow better than Woodfill.

  4. I am so happy to see this article! My kids go to Woodfill but we just bought and renovated a house in the Moyer district. My kids don't want to go to Moyer because their friends are at Woodfill. Hopefully the school board will let them stay at Woodfill. Thanks for the great article.

  5. As a graduate of Woodfill and HHS, there has always been the south side versus north side. dividing line being highland ave. I grew up and currently live near the "dividing" line. My daughter is attending kindergarten this fall at Woodfill, I am thrilled to have her going there. Everyone in Fort Thomas just needs to relax and end the angst of rich vs poor, its about the kids.

  6. The first comment made about how the Moyer parents would be mortified if they had to send their children to Woodfill is exactly what is wrong with Ft Thomas. Wonder why the children are mean to each other? Maybe it sinheacuse their parents taught them that they are better than the other kids at the school on the south end of town. Woodfill is filled with amazing teachers, good kids and an amazing facility. I for one and proud that my child went to Woodfill and has been taught that everybody counts!

  7. I live two blocks from Moyer and I think it is pathetic that there wasn't enough room there for us this year for K. My child is 5. We can walk to the school. Someone wants to mention snobbery well I def have it!!! I am such a snob that I am ashamed to say I live in KY and my child's class is in a trailer (Moyer) or we have mold issues (Johnson) or we go across to the Y for gym (Woodfill). Driving across town to Woodfill is difficult for me since I have other children at different schools. Johnson would of been more ideal. It really doesn't matter because the curriculum is the same. Each year if they are doing a lottery then it should be done by distance. I have noticed most people drive to Moyer. I personally feel some of the people that go to Moyer could be redistrict to both Johnson and Woodfill. It is no wonder that more and more students from the district are going to Summit, Seven Hills, St. C's and other private schools. I want my children to have the best education they can get but I am afraid if this continues the only thing that is going to suffer is my children in over populated classes. I know I hated big lecture classes at UC main campus. Is that what FT. Thomas schools are going to turn into?