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Friday, April 19, 2013

FTM Best Business Winner, Renaissance Annual Review, New Sponsors, #BootheWoo

Van DAMME It's Friday!

- 16 of Ft. Thomas' finest businesses started. One came out on top. A big congratulations to Fit Philosophie and owner Jennifer Lynn for winning the 2nd Annual Fort Thomas Matters Best Business Bracket. 

A total of over 4000 votes were cast over the course of 3 weeks in March. Fit Philosophie won the New Business Bracket, finally culminating with a win over The Ft. Thomas Swim Club in the final. Fit Philosophie used the strength of its loyal and building client base to rock the vote. 

Make sure you stop by 911 N. Fort Thomas Ave to see the coveted WaterTower trophy. Stay for a workout. 

- Speaking of workouts. I completed the March Madness Challenge at Fit Philosophie last month. I worked out with Jennifer 3 times a week for the month. The March Madness Challenge was composed of wall sits, planks and burpees. 

We took a baseline test at the beginning of the month. Then... we sweat. TRX (Suspension Training), Reformer machines, and yoga. 

Here were my results:

Wall Sit
Beginning 1:59
End           5:21

Beginning 1:40
End           4:04

Burpees (1 minute)
Beginning 21
End           28

I lost 9 pounds as well. If you haven't checked her out yet, what are you waiting for? Tell her FTM sent you and your first class is free. 

- Debbie Buckley put out the first Renaissance Annual Report. I'll get into it in more detail down the road, but I did want to highlight my favorite page she put together. It's the Economic Development page, which highlights businesses that invested significant money in their buildings on top of purchase price. The figures on the page shows their rehabilitation investment dollars and number of employees. 

Hopefully you can read the page. If not, comment and I'll list them. 

- I'd like to officially welcome a few new sponsors to the Fort Thomas Matters family. Designer Ally Custom Cabinetry and Lovell's Hardwood Floors. They are right next to each other in the Midway District. 

If you are in the market for a remodel, give them a look. How much more convenient can it get? And if we aren't beating the "Shop Fort Thomas" drum hard enough, I'll say it again:
 Keep our money in Fort Thomas, Make the Community Better!

- If you'll indulge me, I'd like to go a little off the Ft. Thomas topic. If you've been to a Reds game over the last year, there's no doubt you've heard the Woo. What's the Woo? It's the rally cry from the great Ric Flair. It's terrible and I can't believe people still do it. 

I was on with ESPN's Lance McAllister yesterday on ESPN1530, joining him in his anti-Woo jihad. I suggested a new mantra: Boo the Woo. 

Lance loved it. My guys at are even making a shirt to display the new slogan. I bring this up to my Fort Thomas neighbors to help spread the mantra: Boo the Woo. 

When you go to a Reds game this summer, and some "hey-look-at-me" joker starts wooing, boo them. Be relentless. Be ruthless. We must beat this woo into submission. 

If you're on twitter, #BootheWoo. 


  1. You realize Ric Flair isn't dead, right? You mentioned the WOO is from the late Ric Flair. He's still alive I thought.

  2. I wrote that last night and googled whether he was still kicking or not. Indeed he is, just forgot to edit. Must've gotten caught up in going through old WWF youtube videos.

  3. How did the rest do on your fitness challenge? Just curious!