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Monday, April 29, 2013

Mama on a Budget- Stroller Strong

I’ve tried a number of ridiculous infomercial aerobic fads: the Ab Roller, Hip Hop Abs, the thighmaster, and buns of steel.  I’ve sweat to the oldies, P-90’ed my X off, and walked hundreds of miles in ankle weights and spandex.  But before last week, I had never used my Bob Ironman Duallie (no, they don’t sponsor this column but yes, I would love to accept anything free from them!) for anything other than running mile upon endless mile.  Fit? Yes.  Strong? Well…not so much.

Knox, Fin, and I took a class from Rita Eversole-Doty, mother of 3, called Stroller Strong which allowed me to get in a pretty good workout while spending time with my children.  I love the YMCA because I can drop the kids off and then just run and run trying to outrun the guilt of leaving my kids with someone else.  With this class I can work out guilt-free.  Although, I’m sure I will feel guilty when they have nightmares from my awesome dance moves, but, whatever works up a sweat, right?

A couple of quick points about this workout to bear in mind.  If you’re looking for a quiet and relaxing workout, keep the stroller rolling.  If you want a chance to work out with your kids, good luck!  If you want a very strenuous, high-octane workout, not happening.  But, if you’re looking for a moderate activity level that encompasses stretching, some aerobic work, some light strength work, and good quality time with your kids, then this is the right fit. 

I do wish there would have been some opportunity to get my kids out of the stroller and do some work with them (one of my husband’s favorite strength builders is bench-pressing Knox and arm-curling Finley and they love it too; couldn’t something similar have been incorporated?).  Also, I run upwards of twenty miles a week so I would not have minded a higher difficulty level.  However, it was still an enjoyable workout and a fun way to spend an hour with fellow moms.  Additionally, Rita was great about varying the activities and responding to the cries of the younger crowd (i.e., kids).  So, if a stroller-bound babe got fussy, she’d change the activity to one that required more movement to, hopefully, settle the child down.

For more information, email Rita at, 513-295-5840, or   Several moms have recently expressed interest in these classes to me and Rita let me know that moms can try the class one time for free or can purchase as few as four weeks at a time.  The classes are $12 per class if you pay for only one but are significantly less expensive if you buy more (see price structure on their website).  Also, on hulafrog there is a 50% off coupon for a 10-class pass (normally $100).  Classes are held at varying times at Ault Park with the next one occurring on Friday May 3 at 9:30 ( a special class including snacks and a raffle).  So, get out, get moving, and get Stroller Strong (ish) and tell Rita “Momma on a Budget” sent you.

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