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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Police Chase in Ft Thomas Ends in Crash

By Pat Lafleur, Ft Thomas Matters City Beat

At approximately 11 PM last night, Southgate Police engaged in high-speed pursuit of a suspect fleeing from Southgate, up Highland Ave. and into the northern end of Ft. Thomas.

Ft. Thomas Police Department Lt. Richard Whitford reports that the suspect slammed into a parked car on Dixie Place across N. Ft. Thomas Ave. from Johnson Elementary. From Dixie Pl., the suspect abandoned his vehicle and fled on foot. He was apprehended by law enforcement on Mayo Avenue shortly thereafter.

Lt. Whitford reports the suspect is currently in Southgate PD custody. "We engaged because the chase entered Ft. Thomas city limits and to support the SGPD, but we do not have any other details on the suspect," said Lt. Whitford. "We do know he had several warrants out for his arrest."

FTM is currently seeking a statement from SGPD with more information on the suspect.

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  1. Thanks for the info FTM!!

  2. It was my car that was "slammed" and my front yard and side yard where the foot pursuit began. Pretty surreal evening. At one point there were six squads and unmarked vehicles from three jurisdictions lined up the street, and three or four more at Waterworks and Memorial. Neighbors tell me this scenario has played out a few times over the years. Our plethora of cul-de-sacs are natural criminal nets.

    Most importantly, my wife and I were really glad no one got hurt. God knows these things often don't end well. Kudos to the FTPD, SPD, and NPD.

  3. Noonan, I am glad you and family are ok. The pursuit ended in my driveway next to my car, but not without giving my wife, stepdaughter and I quite the scare. I am just glad my two little ones were asleep and oblivious to what was going on. Thank you to all the police departments involved for catching him before anyone got hurt.