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Friday, May 17, 2013

Brandon Phillips Moving to Fort Thomas

@DatDudeBP is Brandon Phillips Twitter handle. To see my "interview" with @DatDudeBP, follow me @MLorenCollier


- Well, it's already updated on the Ft. Thomas, Ky Wikipedia page, so it has to be true. Cincinnati Reds Second Basemen, Brandon Phillips, is moving to Fort Thomas. 

I hinted to the news last Wednesday and had heard before that that Phillips was interested in a Ft. Thomas home. Professional athletes generally try to stay in short-term leases. It's simply a reality of their business that they change addresses and cities more than most.

Phillips signed a 6-year deal with the Reds last April, which allowed him to settle down a bit. 

I'm trying to throw him a "Welcome to the City" Party, which I'll make sure to let everyone know about. I've got a call into a mutual friend to gauge his interest. Something tells me that his gregarious nature will have him there. 

I did speak with a person in the Reds Public Relations Department about the party to see if they could help facilitate it. He basically told me not to do it.  If Brandon makes it a go, it's going to happen. 

- Our friends at Tom + Chee are pitching their restaurant as a potential chain restaurant to the sharks on ABC's Shark Tank tonight at 9:00 on ABC. 

The Grilled Cheese Donut Challenge was the 2nd Episode of Mark vs. Food. Trew Quackenbush and Corey Ward were awesome to us then and I hope they get the funds from the sharks to keep spreading the grilled cheese love. 

- Don't forget, the 2nd Farmer's Market at The Fort Thomas Plaza is today from 3-7. I talked with Emmett Wright of Morning View, Kentucky, who has a vendor stand at both of the Farmer's Market locations in Fort Thomas. 

Breezy Acres has farm fresh poultry, chicken, beef, cheese, dairy and produce. Of the Plaza market, Wright said, "I was glad Ft. Thomas set up another Farmer's Market. We did well at (The Midway) market. (The Plaza) market lets people get on and off the highway pretty easily for those who can't get down (to the Midway)."

He was disappointed to see that DEPs had left the Plaza. "DEP's offered us to set up in their new parking lot because customers who came to the Farmer's Market, ended up at DEPs. Or vice versa," he said. "But with no traffic light at that intersection, city officials thought (the Plaza) still made the most sense." 

Wright estimated that even with the two markets in Fort Thomas working together last year, Breezy Acres only profited a little more than the previous year with just one Farmer's Market open in The Midway District.

- In regards to City Beat Writer, Pat Lafleur's article yesterday about people slashing tires: what would you do if you caught someone red-handed doing that to your property? Take it a step further: what about so called "harmless mischief" (eggs, toliet paper, soap, etc).


  1. I believe the best way to welcome Brandon Phillips to our fair city is to leave him alone and give him his privacy. If and when he wants to involve himself in other ways, let him do it on his terms.

  2. You obviously don't know Brandon Phillip's personality. He's going to LOVE the attention. Great idea FTM!!!

  3. Can someone tell my why I should care about this? I am sure Mr. Phillips is a nice guy, but there are many nice people living in Fort Thomas. What has he done to earn such adulation except making millions of dollars playing a child's game?

  4. Yeah, you're probably right Cathy Johnston Price. No one is interested in Brandon Phillips moving to Fort Thomas.

    *Rolls eyes.