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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fort Thomas Hump Day Links (Cincinnati Red Moving to the Fort, Thoughts on Deer, Volume 1, Number 1 Fort Thomas Living)

Volume One, Number One Edition of The Fort Thomas Living. Owner, Jim Lied, who started the publication in 1977, provided artwork for the first ever cover. 

It's been a while since FTM provided a mid-week, quick hitter update. Let's get into it.

- Obviously just a rumor, but I'm working to confirm that a certain Cincinnati Red whose recently signed a longer-term deal is looking to move to Fort Thomas.

- Council was presented more deer statistics as a result of the latest Vision Air Research conducted in February. According to Vision Air, which uses infrared imaging with planes taking aerial images of the city, the deer population has decreased dramatically.

You can infer two things from this:
1) The archery ordinance passed in 2007 is working
2) Vision Air isn't an accurate way to decipher the deer population. 

As much as the deer population has decreased (205 in 2010 vs. 96 early this year), the number of deer related crashes have gone up (13 in 2010 to 20 in 2012). There was even a bicycle related deer accident. I checked with our own Pat Lafleur of Alt. Rte. He was not involved.

Going back to flow charts,  and assuming Vision Air's stats are accurate, here is what can we infer from here:
1) We are getting worse at driving.
2) Deer are becoming more daring.
3) Nothing we can do aside from annihilating every deer we see will curb deer-related accidents.
4) Vision Air isn't an accurate way to decipher the deer population. 

The common denominator here is that Vision Air may not be the best way to spend the city's money. 1+1 does not equal 3. To me, it's pretty simple to deduce that the deer population hasn't gone down as much as Vision Air Research has claimed. 

Mayor Mary Brown noted through her anecdotal evidence that she isn't seeing any less deer. Whose to say her evidence is any less valuable than Visual Air's research?

Councilmen Roger Peterman gets it. He also suggested the numbers don't add up. I'm not on council and I don't know what the next step is, but if I were my next step would be to not pay another dollar to Vision Air Research.

- Since 2011 since the law has been on the books, only 95 citations have been issued in Northern Kentucky (Campbell, Kenton, Boone) for teens texting while driving. As predicted, it's almost impossible to enforce and the numbers back it up.

Perhaps the threat is enough to discourage textures.

- The Stamp Out Hunger drive is around the corner. Every year Postal workers collect donations on their routes to help support local food organizations. The day this year is this Saturday, May 11th.

Place food at your mailboxes and your letter carriers will pick it up. My man Carl, on the North end of town, is the best mailman around. Hope we send him back with lots of donations.

- Fort Thomas resident, Chris Smith and her business Gallery to Go will host a Baseball and Beer Paint Party 7:00, May 16th at DEP's.  

Sample beers and paint a Cincinnati skyline featuring the Great American Ball Park. No painting skills necessary, just a fun night out.  All the painting supplies will be supplied.  Bring your own non-alcoholic beverages and food. 

Highlands High School has received 20 Cappies nominations for their spring musical, Aida.

Nominations include Best Musical and Best Song. Winners will be announced at the Cappies Awards Gala which will be held on Saturday, May 25 in the Procter and Gamble Hall at the Aronoff Center.

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  1. Perhaps it's not so much as more deer, but more cars in Fort Thomas that are the problem. As logic would have it, if you have 5000 deer and 100 cars going through the city, accidents would likely be far less than if you have 5000 cars and 100 deer. I suspect that too many cars are as much a problem as too many deer. Should I hold my breath to see if we have open season on motorists?