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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ft. Thomas City Council Notes (How to Handle the Imperial Apartments)

By Pat Lafleur, 
FortThomasMatters City Beat 

This week’s City Council meeting showed the first Ft. Thomas resident to address council since I began covering these meetings months ago:

Mrs. Andrea Patrick, who lives on N. Crescent, addressed council regarding the Imperial Apartments complex located at the intersection of S. Ft. Thomas Ave. and Grand Ave. Mrs. Patrick described a variety of disturbances by tenants of Imperial Apts. she claims have been ongoing for the 4 years she and her family -- a husband and two young sons, all present at the meeting -- has lived in the neighborhood. Mrs. Patrick described the apartment complex and its tenants as a “public nuisance.”

After Council had heard Mrs. Patrick’s testimony, Mayor Mary Brown deferred to FTPD Chief Michael Daly, who confirmed that increased police patrolling has been implemented around the property before, to only temporary effect. According to the Patricks’ count, the FTPD and FTFD have responded to the apartment complex over 200 times in the last four years.

Mayor Brown asked city legal counsel Jann Seidenfaden what could be done from a legislative angle. Seidenfaden explained that ordinances holding landlords legally accountable for such behavior from their tenants have been proposed to Ft. Thomas Council in the past, but has not been enacted.

Chief Daly, Ms. Seidenfaden, and City Administrator Donald Martin plan to meet with the Patricks to discuss more details, and Mayor Brown asked the Law, Labor, & License committee to study what sort of ordinance might be passed to address such issues.

Aside from the Patricks’ testimony to council, the rest of this week’s proceedings were fairly, well... procedural:

   Council approved unanimously to extend the City’s contract with Rumpke for its solid waste removal services. The contract extension will yield a small increase in the rate paid by each citizen for the service, an increase in 3% over the next 2 years.

   Mr. Martin introduced a proposed bid for the 2013 Street Program (resurfacing, etc. of Clover Ridge and surrounding streets). Council approved City staff’s recommendation to accept Eaton Asphalt’s bid of ~$232K. The bid was accepted quickly and unanimously by council.

   Mr. Martin also made mention to a KY State Senate Bill that will result in a decrease in retirement contributions as a portion of income taxes. Mr. Martin called this a “step in the right direction” for Ft. Thomas, and said copies of the report detailing this bill are available upon request.

   The water-main break above the amphitheater in Tower Park will be repaired in two phases: a temporary fix will be implemented before this summer’s concert series begins, and then -- in the fall -- a permanent solution will be put into place.


  1. That place has ALWAYS been an issue. I'm sure every council for the last 30 years has heard complaints on it.

    It's why that house on the corner cannot sell. I'm happy they are taking the issue up, but fear there's not a lot the city can do for them.

    The ultimate solution may be to move away from the problem if they cannot stand the apartments.

  2. The problem is that this is all HUD housing. I wish I did know who the owner was and know if they are responsible in any way. God forbid the adults living there actually be held accountable, after all they are living there on the working class tax dollars. I wonder if the owner can be forced to clean it up and get rid of the HUD status.

  3. According to public record, owners of the property at 825-831 S Grand Avenue are Kramer Apts LLC with a mailing address of 55 Cedarview, Alexandria KY.
    Frustrating, but how different are these people than the Fort Thomas residents who buy up properties in Newport and do the very same thing? Not so fair or comfortable when it's in your own back yard, so to speak (no pun intended).
    I knew a Newport property owner from Fort Thomas who boarded up all the windows on a piece of his rental property for no apparent reason. It was an eyesore, but he owned that property for years, along with many others.

  4. City of FT should place a lien on the property for security expense to pay for all of the extra police runs...just a thought. Am not an attorney, but KY State Ordinance on nuisance properties is here...seems to apply as well.

  5. That place has always been a dump. Honestly the tenants need to be given notice and that dump needs to be torn down and turned into something better. Fort Thomas should have better standards than having crap holes like that in the city.

  6. Are the concerns related to people being noisy around the apartments, or are the concerns related to possible criminal activity going on there?