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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

One Set of Five (Things To Know): Fit Philosophie

One of the most popular new businesses in Fort Thomas is Jennifer Lynn’s FIT PHILOSOPHIE.  The studio located at 911 North Fort Thomas Avenue has had packed classes for months helping people achieve their fitness goals.  If their bustling business is not enough to sell you, Fit Philosophie was the winner of the 2013 Fort Thomas Matters Best Business Bracket!  As Jennifer’s studio continues to dominate the fitness scene I had to reach out to her for the next installment of “Five Things to Know”.

Jennifer provided some outstanding health tips, cleared up some rumors about Pilates, and explained how living healthy is about transforming your life.

  • You can never out train a bad diet! While working out is awesome, if you strive to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle, that means you must eat the right way most of the time. Life is about balance so shoot for 90/10 (90% good And 10% indulgence)
  • I don't want to bulk up and I'm afraid heavy weights will make me big....the short of the long story is--lean muscle mass helps to improve your metabolic rate (burn more calories), it makes your body look more firm and toned, and helps to prevent bone issues such as osteoporosis--so lift heavy weights (appropriately heavy)! 
  • Pilates is easy--WRONG! If you want to shake, sweat, and get some ripped abs, arms, and legs--get into Pilates! Kobe Bryant  and many other elite athletes practice Pilates on a regular basis as well as movie stars and dancers.  It is great for strengthening and improving your dynamic flexibility and balance. What do you have to lose? Give it a try--but--make sure you are working with an instructor who is well trained in the Pilates method.
  • I eat healthy....I don't understand why I'm overweight. This is one that I hear constantly. Well, you CAN absolutely eat healthy and be overweight! How much do you eat? What is your ratio of carbs/fat/protein? How much sugar are you consuming/day (even fruit had sugar and it all counts)? Also, what is your definition of healthy eating? you drink a lot of wine or beer? It all adds up to that unwanted last 10 pounds.
  • I need more cardio to lose weight or I'm a cardio junkie. So--there's an old adage  that says,"Its about the quality not the quantity." In many ways health and fitness really comes down to quality food intake combined with periodized cardio and strength training. In other words, use a heart rate monitor and other such tools to track your cardio session and strength training. Use a varied workout that integrate different intensities. Check out information on Tabata training ad HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Currently, science is supporting this method as a highly effective and efficient way of exercising. Again, it's all about balance: eat right, do some cardio, some weights and TRX training, some Pilates, some yoga and you have arrived at destination: fitness.
Jennifer Lynn concluded by explaining the simplicity of living healthy.  "The truth is a healthy life is a commitment--it's 24/7. Short term diets don't work. Sporadic exercise will not work. It's about transforming your life and finding true health."

If you want to transform your life and become a better you, you can call Fit Philosophie at 513.325.5454 or visit their website here.  FTM Writers and their extended families have taken advantage of Fit Philosophie.  They swear by Jennifer's fitness approach and can not stop singing her praises.  A healthier you awaits at Fit Philosophie; are you willing to make the transformation?


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  1. Great article about Fort Thomas' newest gem!