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Thursday, May 16, 2013

S. Ft. Thomas Ave Tire Slasher Just Random Mischief-Maker

By Pat LaFleur
FortThomasMatters City Beat
FTM received a report from a Ft. Thomas resident this past weekend that their and 5 of their neighbors car tires had been slashed at some point over Saturday night/Sunday morning. A call to FTPD Lt. Richard Whitford confirmed that a total of 5 cars’ tires had been slashed along S. Ft. Thomas Ave.
There is no evidence to suggest that this was a pre-meditated or organized in any fashion, and no motive has been identified, Lt. Whitford reported. “Sometimes we’re able to learn that these sort of things are done out of malice or because of a grudge between neighbors, but this seems to have been someone just walking down the street, slashing tires.” The vandalism is being regarded as a random act of community mischief. 

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