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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Summer Camp Like No Other

This summer will not be all about outings to the pool or trips to the dairy bar for 8th grader Alex Roth. Instead he will be in his sophomore year at Culver Military Academy Summer School trying to achieve his goal of making top rank, First Sergeant.

Culver Military Academy is an upper echelon college prep school.  The 1,800-acre campus is located an hour south of The University of Notre Dame and it is not cheap.  The tuition for one summer is $5,500.

The enrollment at CMA consists of 1,300 young people a year from all over the world, ages 7-17.  The academy helps to develop positive self-esteem through accomplishments and discipline.

Alex had this to say about his experience in 2012.  “The first two weeks last year were very challenging and stressful due to the dramatic change in environment.  All campers are required to keep their dorm rooms and belongings organized in military fashion.  As I became more comfortable with the expectations and rules, I was able to make a lot of friends from all over the world and do really well in my classes.”

This year Alex’s focus of study will be in equestrian, lacrosse, and leadership.

Like last year Alex is selling his all-natural dog treats to raise money to put towards his tuition.  “Cookies for Culver” were a huge success last year, and he is hoping that they will be a successful fundraiser again. 

Fort Thomas Matters wanted to assist Alex Roth to alert everyone that the treats are ready for purchase and the funds are ready to be raised!  If you are interested in supporting Alex, you can do so in a number of ways.  You can order a bag of dog treats for $2.50 here.  You can also donate money to Alex’s GoFundMe site.

You can view Alex’s video on YouTube to hear more details about his fundraising, and to see what an amazing place Culver Military Academy is.

Good luck Alex!

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  1. Good for you Alex! That's awesome you are going and working to help pay for your tuition. My dog LOVES your cookies. I'm ordering more. Have fun at Culver and good luck on attaining your next rank.