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Friday, June 28, 2013

Ft. Thomas Central Opens, Mopeds, Trunk Show, Garden Tour, FTBA


It's been a few weeks since we've done a VDIF weekly links post. Call it childish, but perhaps one of my favorite parts of the week is searching for ridiculous pictures of my man, Van Damme. He's so damn goofy. He just makes me laugh. Onto this week's links. 

- If we haven't hit you hard enough with our coverage of the Independence Day Celebration this week here's everything one more time:

It's always a spectacle and this year should be no different. Our city does an outstanding job putting on these events. Everyone involved should be proud of themselves. Saturday's events are exactly the reason why Ft. Thomas is a special place to live. Enjoy it. 

- Ft. Thomas Central (3 N. Ft. Thomas Ave - old Candy Cottage) opened yesterday. I talked to her after the initial push and ribbon cutting to see how her first day went. 

"Really good," she said with what I perceived as an exhaustedly, wry smile. "The ribbon cutting (put on by the Ft. Thomas Business Association) was great. It was really busy when we opened, slowed down a bit, then we got another rush. Very good day overall." 

Barb Thomas, originally from South Carolina, moved to Ft. Thomas a year ago. Since then, she decided to drop out of the corporate grind and open a store she was passionate about.

“It’s hometown charm meets the art of gifting,” Thomas said. “I understand the importance of being here and I’ve been trying to understand the community.”

Walking through the store, you can truly find something for everyone. “I don’t want it to just be a gift shop,” Thomas went on. “I want it to be a place where local artists can display their art. Where people can grab a pastry and hang out in the lounge room. I want them to enjoy it.”

I had her take me through the Fort Thomas Central “experience.” I told her how much I was going to spend and who I was buying for. Even though I was not currently in the doghouse, I told her it was for my bride.

She asked probing questions. “Where does she work?” “What does she do?” “Is she traditional or modern?” Before I knew it she had it pegged.

It’s no secret Ft. Thomas has been bringing a lot of new business to town. In this case and from dealing with different owners that have come into Fort Thomas, I know that Barb understands what it's going to take to be successful. 

The momentum is changing in the Fort Thomas Business community. Our environment is very diverse and the "SHOP LOCAL" attitude is beginning to spread. 

- Several readers have emailed me inquiring about the rise in the use of motorized scooters or mopeds around town. I personally have no opinion either way, but we have an inquiry into the Fort Thomas Police Department about the ordinances surrounding these questions:

- How old does someone need to be to drive these on public streets?
- Do they require safety equipment?
- How many people can ride on one?
- Do the loud motors violate noise ordinances during quiet hours (11PM-7AM)?

Again, no issue with them personally. Just doing our civic duty brought to FTM by residents. Response from FTPD forthcoming. 

- Lauren Lail debuted her clothing collection, Library by Lauren Lail, yesterday at 65 Walker Road. According to Lail, the turnout was great. When she's the next Stella McCartney (yes, I had to google "women designers") it'll be cool to look back at this picture:

- The Garden Tour was last weekend. I talked to merchant/vendor market organizer, Lori Holladay, last Saturday and she estimated 450 people would take the tour this year. Of the 4-year history of the event, that would have been the best turnout. 

I've not been able to reach her for comment this week to confirm that number, but I did spend some time with the majority of the homeowner's who were on the tour last weekend. 

Anecdotal evidence from them suggested around 250-300, which would still be a great turnout and successful fundraiser for the Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy. Great job to all those involved. 

Here was one of my favorite parts that I saw, which is from Lorna McMullen's garden on Lester Lane:

- Finally, thanks to Chris Schnell at Precision Dental for hosting the Fort Thomas Business Association social yesterday. If you're a business owner, there's no better place for the exchange of ideas. Check them out here.

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