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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ft. Thomas City Council Notes 6-17-13

Not a whole lot going on at Council this week. Honestly sometimes I hope for fireworks like the Covington City Council. Definitely great for news junkies and new media outlets, but not so much for the continuity and progress of the city.

Our buddies at The River City News do a great job chronicling the ongoing tomfoolery including a member's drunken Facebook rant, a city commissioner being removed from office for her criminal record, and verbal outbursts between members and the mayor.

Ft. Thomas' council meetings are not like that. Usually, council members outnumber citizens in the meetings. There is very little banter and almost never heated exchanges. Again, I guess this is what you want from your elected officials. All business, no nonsense. But is it so much to ask for a gavel tap, Mayor Brown? For me? Please?

Anyway, the biggest news from Council this week was the swearing in for new Police recruit, Nicholas Hoffman. Pat will have a story on this next week. Here's the rest of the meeting's rundown.

New Business
Consideration of the AFSCME Local #286 Working Agreement
Consideration of Interlocal Agreement with Kenton County SWAT
Consideration of Temporary Ambulance Use Agreement
Consideration of Lease Agreement for Improvement and Use of Softball Field at Winkler Park
Finance Committee Report on Disbursements

Ordinances, Resolutions, and Orders
O-08-2013:  An Ordinance Adjusting Life Squad Fees
O-09-2013:  FY 2012/2013 Budget Amendment Ordinance
O-10-2013:  FY 2013/2014 Budget Ordinance
O-11-2013:  Ordinance Adjusting Rates of Pay
Municipal Order MO-07-2013:  Appointing Nicholas Hoffman as Police Recruit

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  1. I know it's often routine, but keep up the council reports. There are sometimes major items with a significant "?!" factor that get swept through without notice, such as the park bathroom (a replacement of an existing bathroom that cost more than the average home), the former officer housing (their ongoing position that only developers, not ordinary citizens can be trusted to rehab those houses), and similar "follow the money" items.