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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Newport Pavilion Update (Michael's pictures, Possible New Retailers, New Signage)

I talked to my contact at the Newport Pavilion on Wednesday. They said that, "(Anchor Associates are on new deals, but nothing to announce yet." 

I talked about Anchor Associates' partner clients when we announced Dick's Sporting Goods had inked their deal in April. Looking over those possibilities, I'd say the three retailers that make the most sense for the development are:

Office Depot
Old Navy
The Gap

It's possible a niche, organic-type grocery store would be interesting here, just not sure it would mesh well with the two anchor stores, Kroger and Target. Anchor Associates has Trader Joe's and Red Plum in their stable of retailers.

In regards to Office Depot, the closest office supply stores to the Newport location would be the two different Staples locations in Over the Rhine and Cold Spring. Office Depot would work well here. The possible clothing outlets would provide some diversity as well.

Switching gears from what could be, to what will be, I took another self-guided tour of Michael's a la my trip to Target in March of 2011.  Of the three stores around it (Ulta and Famous Footwear) it was the most bare on the inside.

The square footage of Michael's will lend itself to the likes of Hancock's Fabrics at the Newport Shopping Center. 
This room looked the most complete of anything in the entire store. Looks like it's setup to stage demonstrations, host parties or consultations.

Famous Footwear (another Newport Shopping Center retread) looks close to complete. Shelves are starting to be stocked with inventory and signs to "Apply Here" are posted on the front windows.

With Famous Footwear making the move a half-mile down the road, and Michael's in direct competition with Hancock's, you have to wonder about the near future of the Newport Shopping Center.


  1. We DESPERATELY need a clothing retailer in this area. I was so disappointed when Marshall's was no longer in the mix for the Newport Plaza. Glad to see Michael's is nearing completion (though I'm sure my wallet is not ;)

  2. Aw, man, a Trader Joe's would be awesome. If Newport Pavilion had a TJ's I would LIVE there.

    Actually TJ's reminded me I would love something along the lines of a T.J. Maxx, too....

  3. Opportunity is ripe for Ft Thomas Plaza to swoop in and bring in an organic grocery.

    Swap Fischer Homes for Trader Joe's= HOME RUN

  4. It would be nice if we had a good steak house like the Texas Roadhouse, or an Olive Garden....and a Costco, somewhere in the area. Thanks!

  5. Michael's is in direct competition with Hancock? I didn't realize Michael's sells fabric. I thought they were all kind of craft items.

  6. Why can't all this momentum get some stores into the old Newport Shopping Center? There's plenty of parking and a great location.

  7. I would like to see a Best Buy.