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Monday, July 15, 2013

Blue Marble Bookstore Presents: Mama on a Budget: GNO Artscapade

            Every so often and not often enough, Mama on a Budget becomes “Hot Mama on a lesser Budget” and springs for a girls' night out.  I recently had such an experience at Artscapade.  You may remember I have written about Artscapade before and you can read all about that first (kid-friendly) experience here.  But this trip was different.  This was a certified-GNO (Girls’ Night Out) and I didn’t even get home until super late; I’m talking 10:15!

            The Artscapade GNO consisted of wine and jewelry making.  I made two very pretty necklaces using homemade beads and stringing them by hand.  I also drank a lot of wine.  So, there’s that…  The evening was a workshop where we were shown how to make clay-beaded necklaces that would, per Tanith Smith-the owner, retail for around $30 per piece and the workshop and wine only cost $20.  The workshop, held at Studio G in the center of town, runs for two hours (scheduled for 7-9) but since we had a lower turnout we stayed an extra hour and made an extra piece of jewelry.  Tanith brought wine for the girls and also welcomed people bringing their own.  Although another GNO is not currently scheduled, one is in the works so I’d encourage people to keep a lookout and plan around this neat night out.
            In the meantime, Artscapade is also hosting a workshop this Friday night from 7-9 for kids 10 and up.  This will be a screen-printing workshop.  Finally, there is a mini-camp the last week of July from Monday to Thursday 10-11:30 for $50 (6 spots left).
            For more information, check out their website or call Tanith at 859-443-24396.  Sometimes, you’ve got to be a hot mama!

GNO Artscapade
Sponsored by: The Blue Marble

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