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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

BREAKING: Mio's Fort Thomas Closes Unexpectedly

Breaking News: As of today, Mio’s in Fort Thomas is closed for business.  When employees arrived for work this morning, they found that they would not be serving any pizza today.  Instead, they were out of a job, arriving to find the below imaged sign on the door.  The doors were locked and tables were being removed from the restaurant.  Fort Thomas Police Department were on site overseeing the proceedings.

Fort Thomas Matters has reached out to both owners but both were unavailable for comment and did not return immediate messages.
Co-owner Mark Fowler, who also owns the building, confirmed to FortThomasMatters that they are indeed closed.

 The questions to be asked are the obvious such as why is the restaurant closing?  Why were employees not informed of the layoffs?  There are also less obvious questions such as when will employees be receiving their final checks?  All of these and more will be asked of the owners and responses reported on this site as soon as we are able to determine what is happening with Mio’s.

Be sure to check back often for updates.


  1. Wow. Great breaking news. I wonder what happened.

  2. it doesn't surprise me....the only time there was ever any business was in the evenings w music playing and the quality of food did not compare to the Mio's in Mt Washington and Florence. Sorry for the employees that the owners didn't have the guts to tell them in person.

  3. It was to be expected. Poor Service, long waits and a staff/owner who didnt seem to have very good people skills. Carter New playing music was the only positive up there and the patio. Awful way to find out you lost your job. Not very professional in my opinion.

  4. Thats messed up 2 restaurants well 3 actually (Warners, The Pergola, and now Mios) that have been in and out well warners lasted a while. I just wish Mios would stay in fort thomas instead of closing everytime they arrive in town or outside of town as was the case of the original one that used to be in starbucks location in newport technically. Maybe people should just give up on putting a restaurant there lol. Also strange thing that the tables were being removed, and the adt codes changed and unusable (that is maybe so ex employees wont get in but it could be other reasons to). I wonder what will go in there next? Here is an idea take Fort Thomas Coffee to the next level and move there and expand it into an art gallery and music inside and out and just in general a cool place. And one last note I find it strange that they didn't say hey were closing in a week or tomorrow.

  5. Thank you Fort Thomas for everything. What started out as a business relationship soon turned to a friendship. It was more than a job serving you... it was like seeing friends come through the door. Saying good bye to Mios is sad but has been compounded because we have to say good bye to so many. There are many that are now looking for new jobs. Some of the employees are students looking for part time positions and others have families with small children looking for full time positions. I have a contact list of the employees and will gladly forward any all leads on to them. Thank you for your thoughts and concerns... Rex

  6. Obviously, from the comments many people had bad experiences at Mio's. I hate that they didn't tell their employees in person that they had to close. This was very poor business practice. I will miss the patio and the food which we thought was good. Don't move Fort Thomas Coffee. It would be the kiss of death for them. They are OK where they are.

  7. I was very sad to see Mio's close. I liked the Virginia BBQ pizza very much! My kids liked the atmosphere and the activities. It was a great outdoor restaurant to go to. We need more of those. I saw friends, saw people walking by, it was a nice atmosphere regardless of the food (which I enjoyed). I wonder if the rent is too high at that location for any business to survive. I hope the owners think about the community at large and what that location can provide. I really feel like that location for a restaurant is central to the feel and vibrancy of Fort Thomas.