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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Police Round Up: Dispatch Gets Busier, Suspicious Activity Up, and Beware "Speed Trap Sunday"

It was another quiet week for police scanners within Fort Thomas city limits, so quiet in fact that Lt. Rich Whitford, when asked what sort of activity the Department saw this past week, he described it simply as "usual weekend activity." If previous trends suggest anything, this means a continuation of car vandalism throughout the city. Once again, a reminder from Lt. Whitford: lock your vehicles, even when parked in the driveway, and to not leave valuables visible in the vehicle.

But while the last week seemed less eventful on the street level, certain categories of dispatch call numbers still saw a marked increase last week compared to the week prior. Here are the notable dispatch stats for the week of July 21-28:

  • Area checks: 103 -- This is a whopping increase, up from 63 last week.
  • Burglaries: 1 -- This is the Holly Woods burglary. Click here for more info.
  • Traffic stops: 98 -- This is also a notable increase. 40 of these stops were on Sunday alone. For the week prior, Sunday also saw the majority of traffic stops, 23 out of the 84 from last week. Maybe we should start calling them "Speed Trap Sundays"?
  • Disturbances: 21
  • Suspicious Persons/Vehicles: 35 -- Another striking increase from last week, up from 19. 
  • Disorderly Juveniles: 3

So, what have we learned from this week's dispatch stats? Always obey the speed limit... but especially on Sundays!

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