Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A New Site to Read

You may have noticed that I haven't been writing as much for the blog the past few months and some of you have even asked about my status.  Others of you may have thought, 'man this site has gotten better since Mark is running the show.'

So I thought I would interrupt you for a minute to give you a quick update on a project that I started.  In addition to my day job I have started a new site devoted to business culture.  If you are in business, managing people, or interested in profiles of great people and organizations then you should check it out at

The site is an opportunity for me to build an audience and provide additional content for a book I am writing focused on transforming broken business cultures.  I am adding new content all the time and I hope to eventually have podcasts with area business people on some of the key topics of the site. Along the way I will provide some previews of the book content and I would love to get some feedback from all of you.

I am and will continue to be involved in Fort Thomas Matters but in a continued behind the scenes kind of way.  Mark and the team are doing a fantastic job and you will see... or hear from me from time to time.

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