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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Alt Rte: Bike Rack Plans Roll Forward

Rendering of design for new bike rack at Fit Philosophie

Roughly one month ago, Alt. Rte. reported on one Fort Thomas resident/entrepreneur who hopes to jumpstart an initiative to beautify the city by installing artistic, designer bike racks at strategic points throughout town.

FTM is happy to report that Jennifer Lynn, owner and operator of Fit Philosophie, has commissioned a design for what she hopes will be the first of several bike racks beautifying and serving local businesses. Fit Philosophie, Lynn's gym and fitness center located in the Inverness district on N. Ft. Thomas Ave., will be partially funding and overseeing the construction of the new bike rack, in conjunction with the city. 

Lynn hired local etcher and metalworker Luigi LaValle of Epinasty Designs to conceptualize and design the bike rack. "We collaborated on an idea of an artistic rack that implemented both function and a fabulous artistic design," Lynn said.

The bike port will house four racks, each rack capable of securing 1-2 bikes simultaneously. The racks will then be framed by a mesh fencing, to shield bicycles from street traffic and debris.

Zoom on design for mesh fencing
Lynn is most excited about the mesh fencing, though, because that's where the artistry of the rack lies. The fence mesh will be translucent and illuminated by small bulbs, creating an almost digitized stained-glass window effect. "I'm really excited about using backlighting to create a multicolor background," Lynn explained. "This way, at night the rack will really stand out in a unique way."

Now with a design ready, Lynn is hoping to begin construction by Spring 2014, at the latest. Lynn is still awaiting approval of the design by the city's Design Review Board.

"I want people to be excited about this and drive by and notice a piece of art that also helps the environment," Lynn said, "by creating and encouraging a more active, green-minded 

If you would like to contribute to this beautification initiative, or just show you support, stop in Fit Philosophie and share your support with Ms. Lynn.

Are you excited about Fit Philosophie's plan to shore up Ft. Thomas's bicycle infrastructure? Where else do you think Ft. Thomas could use a designer bike rack like this one? Tell us in the comments!


  1. I've not yet been in to her studio but I am happy we have such invested owners in our city. I'm hoping this intiative will spread through the city like wild fire.

    Thank you Jennifer Lynn and Pat for helping to spread the word.

    I hope the Design Board does not hold this up.

  2. So happy to hear that bike racks are planned for Ft. Thomas. I ride my bike a lot to the main business district and it is always difficult to find a place to securely lock my bike while I get coffee or go to the bank.

    Another successful bike racks implementation is Artworks Cincinnati's "Queen City Art Racks."

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