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Thursday, August 29, 2013

BREAKING: FTPD Reports Daytime Burglaries Trend for August

This picture was taken on Lumley Avenue after the neighbors there called the police. The crew in the picture drew three Fort Thomas Police cruisers and the woman was taken into custody.

The FTPD have released an E-lert this afternoon reporting a rising trend in burglaries and break-ins over the last month.

The E-lert reads:

"Over the course of the last 30 days, there have been 8 daytime burglaries committed in Fort Thomas. These are by far the most difficult to catch, as people moving about during broad daylight alone is not considered suspicious activity. When the first of these occurred, we were hopeful that a pattern, trend or MO would emerge, but at this time there are none."

The E-lert also indicates that there are no suspects at this time, and that no trends have been identified in entry or whether or not the home is equipped with an alarm system.

The notice also makes clear that this issue is not isolated to Fort Thomas, but several cities in the area are suffering from the same issue.

Lt.'s Rich Whitford and Ken Fecher both associate this string of daytime burglaries, in part, with the larger trend in drug abuse (particularly the heroine epidemic) that has begun in Northern Kentucky over the last few years.

The E-lert also provides a list of steps residents can take to assist the FTPD in this investigation:

  1. Be smart, be nosey, be alert. If you see someone lingering around an area and it just doesn't seem right, call the dispatch center (859-292-3622) and report it. If you see a burglary in progress, dial 911.
  2. Take care to protect your property. Communicate with neighbors if you are going to be gone. Let them know if you will have someone out of the ordinary at your home when you are gone for the day. If you know that your neighbor's home is unoccupied during the day and you see anything out of the ordinary happening, call the dispatch center.
  3. Be alert for DOORBELL DITCH. We believe that the suspects are ringing doorbells and/or knocking. They watch to see if anyone answers. If so, they move on. If you have this happen to you when you are home, it is worth calling in at this point. If you answer and no one is there, go outside and stroll around to see if anyone emerges.
  4. Get descriptions. If you are calling in on something that you saw or someone, please give them a good look. License plates and car descriptions. Person descriptions in great detail. Anything you see is worth noting, and again, call it in.
  5. DON'T OVER THINK IT. If you think something is wrong, call it in. All too often we hear after the fact that people saw something suspicious but talked themselves out of calling it in. You are not bothering us.
Lt. Fecher urges residents to sign up for the FTPD E-lert system. You can do so by emailing the FTPD and indicating you'd like to receive FTPD E-lerts.

Also, if you previously subscribed to the E-lert service with an Insight email address, Lt. Fecher reminds you to make sure your email service has transferred to Time Warner. He is reporting several dozen email addresses not receiving E-lerts because of this issue.

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