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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jeff Ruby Responds to Lawsuit

A Personal Note From Jeff Ruby8.28.13by Jeff Ruby
Dear Friends,
Even though I have been advised to not litigate through the media, after watching one-sided, accusatory news coverage, I agree with my team that I must respond. I will keep it brief. I know you are smart enough to connect the dots.
We have the greatest employees in the world. We invest a tremendous amount of resources into ensuring they have the necessary training, knowledge and experience to perform to the best of their ability. Simply put, our servers are the best in the business. Therefore, they are highly compensated—averaging $65K a year, with shifts that average 7 hours a day. Because of my gratitude toward them, I pay one million per year out of my own pocket so every employee from dishwasher up has 100% company-paid health insurance coverage. The billion dollar restaurant chains (including casinos) don’t provide the coverage I do. My team is my family and I love them dearly. We look forward to defending our loyalty to them.

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