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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More Updates on Newport Pavilion (When Will Other Retailers Open? Olive Garden? More Traffic?)

Obviously the big news of the day was the fact that TJ Maxx is headed to The Newport Pavilion. The discount clothing retailer's bricks and mortar are already under construction on the south corner of the development next to Dick's Sporting Goods.

The long-term speculation was that Marshall's could be the next retailer to be announced, but it turns out its sister store was the next on the block. Back in June, FortThomasMatters made some guesses about what would be the next retailer. While we guessed correctly that it would be a clothing-first retailer, we were a little off base from TJ Maxx.

A few more updates from our past stories and some questions sent to us on behalf of our readers. This information is directly from our Anchor Associates contact:

- Chipotle and BW3 are still on schedule to open this Fall. Obviously the construction phases are near complete. Perhaps the best ancillary benefit to the opening of these two retailers will be the opening of the outlet from the parking lot area onto Carothers Road. The traffic will continue to increase but pressure release points like these will continue to help.

- There are no plans at the moment for an Olive Garden restaurant.

- Anchor Associates said that Dick's Sporting Goods would "probably" open this year. I would say that the retailer would do everything in their power to open before Christmas.

- Panera, which will also be located near Dick's and TJ Maxx, will open in 2014. Nothing more specific on that at this time.

Onto the traffic. (Click here for our last article on the traffic).

Most readers use the same logic on this issue: "How could the Newport Pavilion not know the amount of traffic that would result in the building of this development?"

Well, the answer is that they did. They use those statistics to woo new retailers to settle into The Newport Pavilion. (ADT stands for Average Daily Traffic)

There has always been a long-term solution for traffic, however when new investors bought the development from Bear Creek Capital in 2011 (indirectly purchasing the loan from Bank of America), the influx of retailers increased at a faster rate than the original principals of Bear Creek Capital had anticipated.

The new investors, Anchor Investment Partners, were formed at the beginning of 2011 by Anchor Associate partners, Charles Townsend and Roger Watson. Their goal was to find retail properties that had debt of leasing issues to acquire them and improve their performance.

The acquisition of The Newport Pavilion was the first by Anchor Investment Partners. So perhaps the traffic issue is not one of negligence by the developer, but may just be growing pains by a newly formed investment group whose specialty was bringing new retailers into an ailing development and not necessarily traffic management for those developments.

They are simply growing faster than the original developers and the city of Newport had planned. 

Now that bigger "sub-anchor" stores have been announced, perhaps the developers will now turn their focus to the growing traffic issue.


  1. Thanks FTM! Always amazes me how much you guys are on top of things.

  2. Not getting an Olive Garden is fine by me. I wouldn't mind seeing a more upscale chain restaurant if the developers are intending to attract more dining.

  3. You guys do great work! -Iker

  4. When this development was announced, who didn't see it immediately becoming a major traffic issue? It's a poor excuse by both the developer and the city to claim surprise at the speed of businesses signing on. This stems directly from poor planning.

    Wouldn't it make more sense to put infrastructure in place first rather than dealing with problems reactively?

  5. I think the traffic issue is an over-reaction to the road work on 471..

    Most of the traffic was due to people using Pavilion Pkwy as a cut-through, when the Grand Avenue exit was closed. If you live in Fort Thomas, just go up Newman (sorry to say this, for you Newman residents).

    Sure, eventually, there will be a lot more traffic, once everything is open (what, you didn't realize that?)

    1. Of course we realized that there would be more traffic, but if you cannot see that it's a REAL issue right now (before other retail opens
      And AFTER 471 construction there is complete) you either don't visit that area enough, you work for the developer, or you just dont get it.

      Sorry, but you're wrong. Dead wrong.

  6. Infastructure is not bad around the loop. The biggest problem is at the lights, more turning lanes, improving light patterns and adjusting during certain peak schedules... Especially during the winter.

  7. An easy quick fix:
    Remove the trees in the medians and add another turn lane for left turns onto Carothers.
    This would also allow cars to easily go from Kroger's to turn onto Newman.
    This, along with fixing the lights would make a huge difference.
    The other issue is that Chick-Fil-A should be connected to the Target parking lot- people turning left out of Chick-Fil-A block traffic too.

  8. The traffic is not bad..have some patience

    1. There is literally only one person I know that has said the traffic is not that bad. Twice on this thread and once on the FTM Facebook page. Likely the same person.

      You're nuts. Seriously.

    2. Traffic is not that bad anymore. It has gotten better. If you can't handle the traffic don't go down there.

  9. Big retail means more traffic. They can improve it, but they can't eliminate it.

    Things change.. you can't squeeze in thousands more car trips to the area without more congestion.

    You might want to get used to it.

    Personally, if I'm not shopping there, it has little or no effect on me. If you are shopping there, how is it any different from any other large retail complex?

    If you live in Fort Thomas, at least it doesn't add any additional traffic to your neighborhood. (most additional traffic through Ft Thomas is due to the exit closures at this time)

  10. One word: Roundabouts. Not those ridiculous US "traffic circles" with stop signs on them, but real roundabouts.

  11. Traffic is bad at lunchtime