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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Police Round-Up: Coyotes Roaming, Calls to Dispatch Down

Last week started in a dramatic fashion with the suicide/attempted homicide on Grand Ave. leaving Alisha Waters critically wounded and her estranged husband, Dennis Mathis, dead. The rest of the week, though, saw one of the summer's quietest in Fort Thomas. Here's your weekly round-up of Fort Thomas Police matters:

Coyotes + Other Wild Animals

Photo taken by Fort Thomas resident Susan Clifton, behind her residence on Covert Place
FTM has received reports from Facebook followers last week of coyote activity throughout the northern end of Fort Thomas, specifically in the vicinity of Covert Run and surrounding streets. One reader, living on Covert Place, reported to FTM editor Mark Collier, "[The coyote] was sleeping [in the backyard], and at first I thought it was a lost shepherd. I realized it was a coyote. When he saw me he got up, stretched and growled, and walked off."

The same reader also reports having seen wild turkeys, 2 red tail foxes, raccoons, and of course deer.

FTM is still waiting for a statement from the Police Department, but the FTPD website provides some information regarding Animal Control. "Dogs and cats are the main focus [of Animal Control]. The occasional raccoon, snake, groundhog, bat, or opossum will get in the house."

When it comes to coyotes and other wilder fauna, though, Animal Control makes little mention. It seems, in fact, to be somewhat of a gray area when it comes to law enforcement's role. Last year, when dealing with this issue, Park Hills Police Chief Cody Stanley told, "When you trap a coyote, first of all you have to get it out of the traps and that puts us in danger. I asked Animal Control and Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, and they don't offer assistance in that. They will offer a trap, but they aren't going to come out and offer us assistance in taking care of the coyote."

Coyotes specifically can pose a threat to outdoor domestic pets, and humans, as well, when it feels threatened. While the lines are not clearly drawn regarding who can respond in what fashion, if in doubt: Fort Thomas's Animal Control Officer is Terri Baker, and she can be reached through Campbell County Dispatch at 859-292-3622.

Police Call Breakdown, Aug 4 - 10

This past week saw 286 total calls to dispatch, down over 100 from the previous week. Friday was the busiest day, breaking from recent trends suggesting that Sundays see the most calls.

  • Area Checks - 59
  • Traffic Stops - 58
  • Traffic Accidents - 10
  • Suspicious Persons/Vehicles - 22
  • Assist other Agencies - 11
  • Gun Run/Shots Fired - 1 (Tuesday's shooting)
  • Disorderly Juveniles - 8

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